The 350 years before Christ, in the Italian Lazio produced a Statuette in 2001 as a permanent loan to the Museum passes, like this one announced on Wednesday. The owner was the Swiss industrialist and art collector Marcel Ebnöther. He had purchased the “girl with dove” in 1978, on the art market, in good Faith, such as the Museum writes.

Ebnöther had given in 1991 its a good 6,000-object collection with a few high-profile buildings in the city of Schaffhausen. Among the valuable exceptions to the Statuette after the death of the collector in the property of his daughters remained.

In the spring of 2017, requested by the Italian state, the return of the ancient work. In the turmoil of the second world war, the object had been stolen in 1943 from the Museo Nazionale Romano in the baths of Diocletian in Rome, was the justification.

investigations of the Museum of all saints, and confirmed the facts of the case. In view of these facts, the Museum had agreed – with the consent of the owner of the inside – the return, of course, that means in the message.

The ancient art returned at 21. May returned to Italy, where it is again in the baths of Diocletian is issued. The Italian state is the Bronze Statuette was handed over by the town of Schaffhausen as a winner of the Museum.

Since the matter had been handled in the best agreement with the Italian authorities had not ruled out a return of the “girl with dove” to Schaffhausen, wrote to the Museum. It’s conceivable that a loan for a special exhibition.