Wiser Giraffe

to get a driver’s license, Giraffe attended various driving schools. He changed one after another, because to him tight and came a long time: too long has been endowed with a neck. Until you hear the explanations of teachers, and we realized what was happening in the motor, why do we need a universal joint and what actions are required from the driver when overtaking or yellow traffic light, teachers have time to go to the next topic.

Finally found a suitable teacher — Cockatoo, which is not tired to repeat memorized many times. The giraffe passed the exam, received a certificate, sat behind the wheel of his old truck and drove across the Savannah, enjoying their ability to steer and speed of movement. Suddenly at the height of his braked Zebra. It regulated traffic its striped sideways from a distance like an impressive capeasy rod. At her post to wipe them two jackals in the gray uniform.

One of them hissed through bared teeth.

— You, I look usarli?

the Second was added.

— Not with your complexion wingless to soar under the clouds. Or, in your bonce, reaching the heavens, there was a dizziness?

— What’s with the nitpicking? — outraged Giraffe. — I did not break anything!

— how! You broke the main rule of animal hostel — enlightened Giraffe Zebra and took away his rights. — You bird! And we’re hoofed.

had the Giraffe again to choose appropriate courses and to keep the resit — not in front of Popovicha, and in front of the Toothy-Clawed Commission, where he boldly interpreted the meaning of the sayings: “live With wolves — wolf choir practice to go”, “Not in their limos don’t sit down” and “bird’s eye fall harder than cut down his four legs and paws.”

My surroundings

My neighbor in suburban co-op — lion. That is, if literally, no, of course not the king of the animal Kingdom. Even the sign of the zodiac — Aries, the RAM. And name is Boris. At home in front of his wife and he did mouse. But once I visited him in the service. Looked in his office. Hoo. A real tycoon. Tyrant. The slave owner. The ruler of the prairies. Growling, hair on end like a mane. Secretary him a Cup of tea in the door crack, as through the bars of the cage, pushes.

his Wife, before which he quieter water like a Monkey. Know shoots zaviduschie eyes around, who he’s dressed and who has any trifles in the ears and on the wrists. Wants to be like that at her friends, such as macaques, then TV stars, such as oradim. It would be better in the mirror is often looked: constantly disheveled and flattened nose. For the sake of the whims of her husband-the mouse hovered over the subordinates bloodthirsty dismantler.

My neighbor in the stairwell — the Fox. Natural Bake. Was nemastylis in the evenings for me to look — then some tea, then ��to uboltat. SLI. Goes around and around. But to me her intentions absolutely clear, and I hold her Bun. Say that is very busy and must go to visit grandparents.

Top tenant — Bear. Him one of his colleagues or he himself stepped on an ear. While singing arias. And accompanies his howling piano. Imagine a roaring Bear hits-toed limbs on the keys! From the laughter to die. And from the thunder to deafening. Morning take: the music, the vocals or the first and second simultaneously — though from the house run. Due to its cacophony I ready myself for both ears to attack, but would not hear of mediocrity.

You may ask: but what am I?

Answer: I am the Pearl. For those who are familiar with the fable by Ivan Andreevich Krylov, that says it all: against murine lions, cunning Foxes courteous, ugly Monkeys and devoted to the service of harmony Bears in their environment, I to brighten, waiting Cock and let him rake in a bunch of nightmarish.

Competition names

In the establishment of the working head by the name of hares. And the Vice he had wolves. The implied antagonism of the names and obvious non-compliance of official subordination (and therefore staffing) strongly depressed head. It seemed to him subordinate in connection with this ambiguity over it throat. And whispering: “Soon the wolves will eat Zaitsev”. It seemed that the higher management when it causes his Deputy, smiling and appeals more to Volkov, looking at him with much more respect. And although the hares knew Volkov as modest and not ambitious, latent rivalries were forced to treat the under cautious. And once the nerves Zaitsev could not stand, he invited Volkov to his spacious office and offered to write a letter of resignation. At his own request.

Why? — sadly he asked.

Such obvious pretense finally convinced the cowardly interested in the correctness of the taken steps. He said:

— Because the situation is in some sense sensitive. Don’t you think?

— it Seems — honestly, the wolves.

And literally tore clean tore it to pieces, for if the wolf is cornered, he will do the same as any cornered long-eared herbivores quiet. Will go on the attack without any tolerant of ambiguity.


Sprat argued with the Keel.

You’re named in my honor. In commemoration of my slimness, mobility, love to the depths.

Kiel grumbled:

— anything. Not in any way resemble you. I’m mighty, respected by all the backbone of the ship. And you sakalava. You mockingly, ironically dubbed my diminutive nickname.

the Conversation was listening to the Wake and were afraid: “do Not x��was atalo else to talk about identity I started the water Closet!”

heaven the warden

One Crow suspected its airspace continually and intentionally violated. So instead of having to clean feathers, to sit on the Chicks to look for food, it at lightning speed rushed to the invaded its borders of sparrows, Tits, pigeons, Swifts and looked horrific: a rumpled feathers, wandering eye, the convulsive beating of wings.

Merry Wagtail advised her to live simply and carefree: don’t chase the mythical enemies, not to chase a melkotni, and take care of yourself, your appearance and health. But the Crow did not brezolles and continued, in spite of exhortations, painful, and vindictive to respond to every stray birdie, defended the inviolability of the slightest millimeter of the aforesaid electrical wires and contoured tree branches land, observed the inaccessibility demarcation lines, borders, boundaries.

Free birds avoided meetings with a noisemaker. But sometimes in the rush of spolocnosti or oblivion (or even deliberately azorica) were vigilantly guarded waltz in the diocese. Staying on guard of cerbera immediately started in pursuit, overtook, and made nahulog spanking: rammed chest and tukala sharp beak was cut up by claws. Victims a long time to heal the wounds and came to himself.

Merciless tyranny lasted until the sky loomed a Hawk. Fate, fate, Fate will sooner or later put a stop to all ridiculous mess. The right to dominate, to surpass, to dictate, execute, dissipates and disappears, hardly will be found in the sky Hovering Vigilantly Guard.

For furniture:

the Ant dragged into the Anthill everything that came in the way: a dead fly is three times heavier than itself, pine needle five times longer than his own body.

Nearby, on the same path, almost stepping on him, moved huge Boots. Guess tiny worker that just a happy accident allows him to continue setnu? But, of course, saw Something that greatly transcends his understanding of the scale, lives, tossing and turning, treads, not consistent with bukashechnuyu life. Maybe play with the thought: everything in the sublunary world are harmoniously interrelated, threatening to crush the Heel, of course, dependent on such as it, boogers. And carefully settled in their comfort, dragged to my room supply of food and furnishings spick and span.


Telephone vtemyashilos calls that he has a very sharp, unpleasant. He began to train the voice and reached the heights of melody. Signals sounded in the manner of a Nightingale Trilling. And produced such a magical effect that the listeners were spellbound froze, unable to interrupt enchanting notes and not fun�� to start a toneless chant in the membrane.

However, the Phone less spoiled of fans and music lovers. Those who are called, are used to: answer a call will not follow. The conversation will not take place.

the owner of the Phone, enjoying the voice of your pet, launched a business, went into Nirvana. When he announced the dismissal from the service, he woke up, woke up, and — rather harshly — ordered the Phone back to the old style alerts.

the beauty of Beauty, work a job.