you are Now in the season just stopped, Philippe Gilbert (37) in a period of time for his thoughts to run wild in. The veteran Lotto-Soudal, an old hand in the field, which has a noteworthy idea is to run competitions during the month of november.

After Paris-Nice, it was clear that there was, for a long time, gekoerst it would be. Not a fifth of a monument, so for the Event, which this year set his sights on Milan-san remo had been placed in it. De Waal is now forced to go back to the quiet training sessions in anticipation of the new games. “I was there with my coach and with what intensity I should work out,” says Gilbert, in his regular column in It . “Between 10 and 15 hours on the bike per week, mostly on the front of the apparatus. It’s a matter of getting the condition is to be maintained. It really comes down to the same thing as it did last year, when I was not selected for this year’s Tour de France.”

Gilbert is bothered by the situation. “Months of preparation are now in the garbage can. It is the same as for a student, say, at the end of the term and that the exams do not go on.”

In the Paris-Nice, rode Gilbert and his (for the time being) the last mile of the season (Photo: Photo News

However, Gilbert is also a potential in this koersarme period of time. The cancellations are piling up, so it’s a great achievement for all the games nicely on the calendar, to insert. “Maybe we should take this opportunity to set the calendar to be updated. By way of information, we can see that in the month of november, the pack was softer now. Why, then, should this period of time not to consider, and not until later in the competition act?” asked Gilbert, off. “It is now, more than ever, is the time to try it out. The world of cycling all that long stood on the same data.”

in The world in 2012 is, therefore, open to change, but this does not mean that just any quotes, just messed around with it. “We are also going to vote for the Giro d’italia and the Vuelta a españa, to shorten a tour for 15 days. The personal touch that I have not really since I am not a specialist in the rondewerk me. In the classics, that is what it was: if we could cut down on the length of the Paris-Roubaix, Milan-san remo and the Tour of Flanders, I’m the right guy to have my say. In those games, the last few miles, however, is important, because it will make a difference after the first six hours of the race.”

I had been knocked by Nils Politt of last year’s Paris-Roubaix (Photo: EPA, EFE is More about Lotto – Soudal How does the economic rate of unemployment in the Belgian team? “For our guys, that is not an issue, it will Harm Vanhoucke obtained, are in full coronacrisis of the book by using: “I asked him if he was this loved”, I had: “You have no purpose, unless it is too wide”, with Thomas De Gendt was not to be left behind and ride the Milan-san remo in his own country