Gila von weitershausen (74) knows the “dream ship”. Already seven Times, the actress in the TV production. That Florian silver iron (37) will take over the role of the captain, can not accept the TV legend, but right.

“I don’t think it is in the sense of the “dream ship”, as it once was,” said von weitershausen, the “Münchner Abendzeitung”. For you, it is clear that the decision is only like so that you can reach a new audience: “You want to get the blow the audience on Board.” Against Changes, you have basically nothing, but the creators of the “dream ship” would approach the Whole thing wrong: “You should maybe change the whole concept and a show, or something completely different. Why not?” To do not occupy just the silver iron, to understand, but with the “something old-fashioned, nostalgic and Tell” of the “dream ship”.

“This is a total miscast”

Von weitershausen is not the first, the Florian silver iron employment in the ZDF-show criticized. Only Ex-“dream boat,”Stewardess, Heide Keller (77) in fact, compared to “image” your displeasure concerning the New captain. To be not a nice entertainer. “This is a man, the man entrusted even during storms and disasters of his life,” says Keller. And more clearly: “I think the decision for a total miscast.” TV Star Sven Martinek (54), occurred already in the “dream ship”offshoot “cruise into happiness”, ranted on Facebook: “Too much silver and iron on Board can pull a ship quickly into the depths.” (klm)