Never again to Mykonos! The swear you are the Hadid sisters. Gigi (24) and Bella (21) were robbed on the Greek holiday island. Someone was trespassing in the house of the Top Models and has let it all go, what has value. The Supermodels were on Mykonos, the 34. To celebrate the birthday of their oldest sister, Alana.

Hadid sisters were Let on to celebrate

“you from Insta fool you. Have been robbed. Never come back again,” writes Gigi Hadid to your snap shots from the holiday island. While the sisters were at the celebrations, was a break-in at home. When they came back, they would have found a mess, as “TMZ” reports. Jewels, dresses, bags, and other items of value were missing. The Hadid sisters suspect that the perpetrators were employees. You have finally had access to the property. However, the switched-on police was not a big help.

So the group would have to leave as soon as possible by private jet to the island. The birthday, you could celebrate the happiness and Fun they had, judging by the Instagram photos.