Next to a raging storm Cristobal.

the city of Orlando in Florida was swept by a huge tornado, leaving without electricity 2 thousand houses, reports the Daily Mail.

WATCH: Video of possible tornado over Lake Conway in Orlando.

Near the Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico raging tropical storm Cristobal. He threatens flooding at the mouth of the Mississippi river, the city of Morgan city in Louisiana and the district of Walton in Florida.

Tornado captured in Lake Conway area in Orlando: captured Incredible video of a tornado moving through the Lake Conway area in Orlando Saturday. Strong Tornado Hits Orlando, Florida – Jun.6,) 7 Jun 2020: (WATCH FULL VIDEO)

Bitch, there was a literal tornado in Orlando last night… Hope everyone is okay

As if working crazy hours 9 days straight dealing with protesters etc. wasn’t enough a tornado touched down in downtown Orlando yesterday…can we just skip to January 1st 2021 ??? Asking for a friend.

Saturday’s severe weather took a nasty turn last night when a tornado touched down in Orlando, damaging homes and downing tree limbs and power lines. Pictures and video:

Earlier it was reported that the storm Amanda claimed dozens of lives in Central America. The number of victims and destructions is still growing.

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