In the pavilion of the St. Petersburg exhibition complex “Lenexpo” from the coronavirus has deployed a field hospital more than a thousand beds. Thin partitions between the boxes. Each with two beds, standing close. This is important because in “Lenexpo” driven and people with confirmed COVID-19 and those with no diagnosis. Officially this is the place for “easy” patients. But, as we have seen, the people there are getting worse, and the authorities speak mostly about the expansion of the hospital – but not about changing the conditions.

Officially in “Lenexpo” send those who cannot be isolated at home – do not have separate rooms. “Temporary hospital “Lenexpo” is deployed for patients with mild coronavirus infection and is intended for those patients who are not able to be treated at home due to the lack of a separate and isolated premises, – reports Cosgrave. – To refer patients who live with elderly relatives and young children or in communal flats”.

the fact that the hospital together are sick COVID-19 and people without this diagnosis (for example, after pneumonia or bronchitis in the hospital), the authorities explain that the tests do not have absolute sensitivity, and physicians rely more on clinical picture.

Trying to understand whether to be at the field hospital or the organizers violated the standards?

We wrote about the story of Elijah – the patient, who was sent to “Lenexpo” from the Alexander hospital. The man complained about everything except food in the hospital. On doctors – what few of them and he was given an antibiotic which he had a severe Allergy (the reaction is not checked in advance), that he (and no one in the hospital) did not do CT scan because something is wrong with the computer, and on may holidays it will not be repaired. Finally, the fact that in the “Lenexpo” are not treated and the condition of the patients deteriorates – the two neighbors Ilya Boxing had to translate into a full-fledged hospital.

When I took Ilya’s review at the may holidays, the mood he was in combat. Since that time, at “Lenexpo” arrived a lot of patients, our hero, on the contrary, was discharged – and he was sure that in a worse condition than before from the Alexander hospital. Now he is afraid for his life.

“It’s just awful, – says Ilya. The day before yesterday I became very ill, and I more than four hours asking for help, which did not wait”. The man asked to discharge him from the “house of pain”, as he calls “Lenexpo”.

“I was given a refusal of admission to the signing and paper, according to which I have no claim”. Once home, Ilya measured temperature is 39. “I come to the conclusion that this temperature I was there in “Lenexpo” a few days. I never had any help, and there was n��any treatment. It’s just awful.”

When the extract was given medical report, which did not specify anything, although doctors Alexander hospital indicated a complication of acute bronchitis. “Now I am very afraid for their health and their lives,” says Ilya.

– Really you couldn’t send home immediately from the Alexander hospital?

– When translated from the Alexander hospital, said that only there, you can’t go home. In “Lenexpo” will take absolutely everyone. Some of the Pokrovskaya hospital bring even tricked, they were told that lucky in “Dawn” (the boarding house-Observatory on the shore of the Gulf – approx. A. S.). On the fifth day after swearing I was put on a drip with antibiotics, and told to put five days, and in the end put once and forgotten.

KT And you still managed to do after the holidays?

– KT there never worked, I have made it clear that when he’s working, I’m not first in line. “Lenexpo” is, unfortunately, ruined everything that made the doctors of Aleksandrovsky hospital, which I was very grateful for the help.

“In fact, any physician guiding the patient in the “Lenexpo” understands that sends it, if not at Calvary, then in the ass, – said a source close to urban health. Because space in the hospitals should be free, and in “Lenexpo” write to there bed was not empty. And there is not a requirement, but is the “wish” of Cosgrove that was discharged in “Lenexpo”.

But, for example, a patient previously treated for pneumonia need rehab after it was stabilized, this process is no less important than the treatment itself. High-calorie diet, breathing exercises. And “Lenexpo” is the hangar, what kind of ventilation there can be a speech? Such things better to do at home.

Experts agree that, first, must be the sort of patients who are admitted to the field hospital – at least in terms of danger to others. Because in the hangar, like “Lenexpo”, you can pick up a bunch of sores, which you have not had. And second, notice that the patients in “Lenexpo” don’t want to be hospitalized. Why would it? I was wondering in Cosgrave about zoning do not intend to equip different zones in “Lenexpo”? For people with different diagnoses, for example. But I regularly forwarded to an answering service.

on the Morning of 15 may, the hospital in “Lenexpo” was visited by the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov – the mayor saw the problems a periodic lack of drinking water and some medicines may holidays, when a temporary hospital had launched. These questions Beglov has promised to decide how and to ensure the availability of soap. Otherwise, according to the Governor, in the hospital, “the normal level of care and accommodation”. About the zoning it was not. Recall fromnow is investigation into the conditions in “Lenexpo” on the fact of complaints hospitalized.

do Not cease to hope for better conditions in field hospitals, which, obviously, will soon appear across the country. What the experts will listen and will do at least the sorting on the basis of confirmed or unconfirmed kovid. And that they will not be filled on the principle – “that bed was not empty”.