Gianoli was spectacular: thousands of people came to blogersha Didenko after the tragedy

Young people who, celebrating the day of birth in the bath complex, fell asleep in the pool about 25 pounds of dry ice, jumped from the water and disappeared in the rising vapor of smoke, broke all the brain is not a child. Three dead, others in hospital, video of the tragedy — for everyone on the Internet. Ridiculous death, and most importantly, her motives society discusses the third day. Version different. From mocking “morons, lo and behold!” to sympathetic “nobody is waiting for podlyanki from the world!”.

Actually, judging from the video, the members of the party was aware that dry ice is dangerous, no wonder wearing hazmat suits. And maybe not been aware of. Even more likely. And the costumes put on for the public, to enhance the effect, like on Halloween. They taught Frank Herbert: “the Spice must flow” — that is, in this case, the content must steer! They themselves bloggers. Guests and their bloggers. So steeper HYIP! Give a breakthrough in the coverage of the audience! It’s your bread, baby!

I Hispanola really spectacular, it is a pity that the death was no matter with a sense of humor.

However, the loss of young people from improper use of chemicals would not cause such resonance: you never know what people manage to die people, violating the laws of physics and chemistry. Upset was the fact that the source of the tragedy — the most fashionable blogger, whose birthday was celebrated, was a pharmacist. That is, in fact, a chemist. Almost with a great diploma. And she has a blog on their specialty, that is, advises people what drugs to use. And she has over a million subscribers. After the tragedy, they became no less — is! Them for the day was 500 thousand more.

And still stunned that, after losing her husband, left with two children, being indirectly but responsible for the death of friends, blog your she left for a minute. At the peak are experiencing grief posted storis, filtered photo and imposed on the text, as it should be doing for maximum engagement. Learn leading your social media! Here it is, a real professionalMoslem!

So these are the +500 000 subscribers it will actually work, literally in tears and blood.

Although not even scared of the thought that man looking death in the eye, remembering all the life hacks for installaware, and the fact that perhaps it was all done from the heart. Because the more this soul can be seen, is not able: only for show to suffer and be comforted by a sympathy unknown subscribers. And rejoice in this most virtual +500 000: not passed! Provided the addition of advertising content! To live on as it is necessary…

the incident can be treated differently, even though humanly it is a pity young, healthy guys, the past life of Instagram’s sake. The tragedy once again proved, alas, is obvious: today the people were divided into minority, which still somehow retained in the real world, and the majority of those who finally moved online. And shows others, how he eats, drinks, washes, makes love, gives birth to children and now is dying. Does not think, does not commit spiritual work — no! It’s impossible to take the photo! And upload to Instagram! So, who is now wondering?

do not think these people, selling through a network of life that it, unlike the photos, not retouched and not be a copy. But it would have failed now removed the content and would live on. Happily ever after.