The soccer women’s world Cup in France in the final round and breaking all audience records. That it takes place in France, is a lucky one for female football Fans from Iran. Because in their homeland the women could watch the games only at home in front of the TV to have the stages you do not have access.

once the Mullah Regime made an exception: On 10. November 2018, as the capital city of Tehran in the return leg of the Asian Champions League took place between Persepolis Tehran and the Kashima Antlers from Japan, women were admitted.

But two weeks ago, on the 6. June, in Tehran, a friendly game between Iran and Syria took place, were held women who wanted to follow the Match in the stadium, for several hours by the security forces.

Infantino: “All women should be able to participate,”

This does not want to see the Boss of world football’s governing body Fifa, Gianni Infantino (49), longer. In a letter to the Iranian football Association-President Mehdi Taj (59), in the VIEW of insight, had called on Infantino Iran to allow women into the stadiums.

with a view to starting in September at the end of qualifying for the 2022 world Cup in Qatar, he writes: “All Iranian and foreign women, who so desire, are allowed to buy tickets to the Games.” The Iranian Federation FFIRI to Fifa to 19. July inform, “what are the concrete steps of the FFIRI and the Iranian authorities are now companies, in order to ensure this,” said Infantino more.

“are We women guilty of”

The Weltfussballverbeand is the “cultural sensitivity” in Iran aware of, “but we need to just make more progress,” of the Valais Infantino. “Not just because we have it women around the world debt, but also because the Fifa was obliged, on the basis of their articles of Association to do so.

the Background of the letter is an unsightly incident in the ongoing women’s world Cup: During the game, the new Zealand and canadian national teams two Fans out of the stadium were passed – because they were protesting for the rights of Iranian women.


removed The two Fans wore Shirts on which they demanded, to the women in the stadiums and the head cloth, to abolish forced. The woman and the man were thrown out by the French security forces from the stadium because of political demonstrations during Fifa tournaments actually are prohibited.

it has Nevertheless referred to the Fifa against the removal of the two resisted, and the behavior of the stadium folder as “wrong”. The Protest was not political, but social and have not therefore in breach of the rules, the world football Association. As the letter to the Taj, it is the Fifa with the equality of women seriously.