Help reumamedicatie at Covid-19? This is the question that scientists are trying to answer by means of an extensive test carried out on more than 350 patients in nine Belgian hospitals.

It’s going to be in a research study from the university hospital of Ghent, the belgian Federal Knowledge centre for Healthcare (KCE) and the MSDS. The reumamedicatie should be able to work with patients who are due to keep breathing and feel confused, because the medicine is fighting against a surplus of ‘cytokines’ blood levels.

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“At this moment in time, it is a medicine in some hospitals are just used, under the slogan, and if it doesn’t work, then it will certainly do no harm, ”, says professor Bart Lambrecht, who is leading the investigation. “This is dangerous, because the Covid-19 is a very strange disease. We must, therefore, be well to examine whether it would be to work it on a large scale, then apply it.”

In foreign countries, the drugs have already been tested and had a positive effect up to 75% of the patients. However, there was no comparison with a control group. The Belgian researchers, one-fifth of that of the 342 patients, therefore, without the knowledge of the normal standard display. “Our hope is to bring clarity about the effects and possible side-effects,” says Lambert.

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