dreaming used to be so many a Couple of a adventurous wedding night in Las Vegas. Also Stars such as Jon Bon Jovi (57) or Angelina Jolie (43) were milled in the Casino city. However, the fast, straightforward marriage ceremonies, especially in the alcohol – to-noise in “Fabulous Las Vegas” by now, tedious. Nowadays, some steps must be completed before you may start the wedding at all.

1. First, a license must be found

In the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, both marriage-willing in person. The passports must be brought along, and a one-time fee of $ 77, paid. So you get a license for one year in the state of Nevada for the Wedding.

However, the service recommends that, to make the request before online, so that waiting times can be shortened. A request for the license can be placed here.

2. Dates and Hours of operation

please Inform yourself in advance about the Opening times of the chapels. These are very generous, because most of them are open until midnight. An appointment is not necessary, but with longer periods must be expected in any case, wait.

3. Please note the requirements!

For a Wedding in Las Vegas, the following criteria must be met:

Both persons must be at least 18 years old.You may not be to some degree related.You must not be otherwise married.

you Should be widowed or divorced, a truthful statement. However, the place and date must be specified and be recorded in writing.

4. It is in need of groomsmen?

Yes, they are according to the law, even mandatory! But fear not: If you went all the way to Las Vegas to give himself without a following and alone, the vows, the chapels of people as witnesses. These are even mostly in the wedding ceremony price.

5. Costs for the various deals

arguably The most famous wedding venue the Little White Wedding Chapel, you can’t be an Elvis impersonator married. Absolute Highlight: There is a Drive thru where you can in a Limousine to get married. This wedding Ceremony through the tunnel of Love costs only $ 50. Not including the photographer and the pastor, which will require a separate price.

For a wedding in the chapel you have to pay a mere $ 75. However, there are many extravagant packages, such as, for example, a Hawaiian wedding for 790 dollars, the Biker Special for $ 160, or – the absolute highlight: the “Love is in the Air”package to be proud 1215 dollars. This exceptional wedding Ceremony takes place, as the Name suggests, in the air in a helicopter. You can book these services for the safety in advance.

6. The marriage in Switzerland is legally?

Who thinks that he could get married in a little Church for the Fun of it, are completely wrong! After the Sound of wedding bells in Las Vegas, a Marriage Certificate (wedding certificate). Although there is that one has given consent, is not sufficient to this document but to allow the marriage in Switzerland recognise.

The wedding is then registered within ten days in the Clark County Government Center. Then you have to apply for a certified copy of Wife, you will then receive by Post. This must then be a request for a Nachbeurkundung in Switzerland. It is only now that it is officially registered with the Swiss authorities.

7. Possibility of cancellation

As mentioned above, the Party is in marriage, in spite of the Fun legally. Who is not, however, on the day after the creeps: Within 24 hours, you still have the Option to cancel the marriage.