the Main difference of “bunching” from a regular electric bus, which was created for the Moscow factories “GAS” and “KAMAZ” – a particularly large capacity. How many passengers will accommodate a prototype, not yet reported. For reference you can take, perhaps, the “accordion” E433 developed “Belkommunmash”, where a total of 135 seats. In a simple bus – 85. All the mandatory elements – navigation, climate control, charging for gadgets – should be kept in Moscow “elektrochemische”.

According to estimates he said “the accordion” will arrive on the tests in the course of the year. About a six-month trial run will help us to understand any improvements needed by the underlying model. For serial production, will likely be released in late 2021. “This year we will receive about 1,200 new buses and nearly 600 buses,” – said Liksutov. It will make the Moscow bus fleet one of the youngest in the world. Vice-mayor confirmed that Moscow is moving away from petrol public transport in favour of environmentally friendly electric. For example, to replace all trams on “Knights” to be completed in 2023. Adopted strategy in Moscow and buses. The city is aiming to create the largest network of buses in the world. They now ply on 34 routes. 2018 transported more than 43.5 million passengers, overcame more than 17 million km.