“Germany’s Next top model” began on Thursday evening, almost too good to be true. But then the Drama followed very quickly.

Heidi Klum (46) candidates were able to finally move into the luxurious Model Villa and found everything to make a Meeeeedchen heart: An extra Sneaker-space model photo of bed linen for each, and a veritable Armada of brand-new and exclusive handbags.

In this luxury Villa, the girls were allowed to move in photo: ProSieben/Richard Hübner

Which caused such a commotion that it gave under the assault of even a injured! Larissa (19) was knocked down by Nasty (20), and defendant is a wound in the leg. The first trouble followed: Was that on purpose?

One of the candidates, but was noticeably quiet and withdrawn: Vivian (21). As a choreographer Micky K. rehearsed with the Models on a Catwalk with a dance that flowed with her tears: “I not good. I always get abdominal pain. I don’t know where it comes from!“

Here is fin with Vivian at the major image-makeover tears. This time she was crying because her health is not good,

you had to sit down and turned to Mickey: “My intestine. I can’t move!“ The was the tough-choreographer of the Comforter: “we can deal with everything! Health comes first!“

Lijana (23) but again, no pity, and sounded: “You have to stop and look. If one is sick, you should stay home!“