Incoming German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has suggested MPs could soon vote on a compulsory vaccination program as part of a big push against Covid-19. Neighboring Austria adopted similar legislation earlier in November.

It is important for Germany to introduce “general compulsory vaccination,” Scholz told a meeting between the federal government officials and the heads of the German states on Tuesday. He also called on MPs to come forward with a “cross-faction initiative” to set things in motion and which should be “introduced quickly.” 

Scholz also said that as an MP himself he would agree to such a measure.

According to the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which Scholz belongs to, mandatory vaccination should be introduced once “everyone has a realistic chance of being vaccinated twice.” The party believes such a time might come in early February 2022.

The new government coalition, that includes the SPD, the Green Party, and the Free Democrats, is currently working on a draft bill on compulsory vaccination for certain jobs together with the health ministry, German media said. The bill is to be discussed by the Bundestag – the lower house of the German parliament – next week.