during the meeting, Ernst said that he considers unacceptable the behavior of the United States, actually dictating to a sovereign state the rules of energy policy. This is, in his view, applies not only to the attitude of the American administration directly to Germany but to the European Union as a whole. This position, says Ernst, “is contrary to any reasonable relationship”, and if new sanctions are adopted, it will mean direct violation of international law.

“It is a violation to threaten the sovereignty of the country with extra-territorial sanctions. The fact is that these sanctions do not concern the United States, they relate to the European Union”, – said the German politician.

He also stressed that the Parliament is currently considering the issue of making the discussions of U.S. intervention in the energy policies of Germany and the EU at the level of the United Nations. “The next measure we’ve also discussed, is the fact that to raise this issue at the UN level. And then, perhaps, to appeal to the relevant courts. But we’ll see what they decide,” said Klaus Ernst. During the conversation he also said that he believes the introduction of retaliatory measures against the United States. “We need a duties and import bans to hit the Americans,” – said Ernst.