The new owner of Germania, Switzerland are looking for a new name for your Airline. The name Germania will disappear. On the other, the Name no longer fits, is the airline is now 100 per cent Swiss (VIEW reported).

Now the Rebranding is complete. This is one of the customer Newsletter of the Germania sent in June. There, the Swiss Airline “Bye-bye Germania writes,” and promises up to the next edition of a new brand identity.

it is Still unclear how the airline is hot. In mid-April LOOK made public, that the owner of Germania flight AG has defined the term “chair” for the purpose of “transport services of an airline” in the trademark register. Presumably, this is made up of “ch” for Switzerland and “air”. For a Switzerland-painting of Germania would be taken care of in order.

50.1% in Swiss Hand

After the collapse of the Berlin Airline Germania the Swiss subsidiary Germania flight AG was in the hands of the Swiss entrepreneur and Air Prishtina-Chief Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi. Shortly thereafter, she was separated already from 49.9 percent of its shares in the airline.

The Polish Charter airline Enter Air took over these shares. The remaining 50.1 percent stay at the Swiss Albex Aviation Ibrahimi-Salahi. Financial Details were not called. The bankrupt Airline Germania, from Germany, was originally involved in 40 per cent of the Swiss Germania flight AG. (nim)