Terrible scenes on Thursday at noon in Tenniken BL! A three-year-old child playing in the garden when a German shepherd bites of a sudden, as the “Basler Zeitung” reported. The child is bleeding heavily in the leg and Buttocks. As a 37-year-old woman comes between them, is also attacked and seriously injured.

neighbor Karin Riekmann immediately alerted the police. In the meantime, two other neighbors to move the dog and the two victims into the house. A short time later, the emergency forces and bring the injured to the hospital. The police takes all the while, the bitch.

The child is a girl, says Adrian Gaugler, a spokesman for the police of Basel-Landschaft to VIEW. The injured woman is the information of the neighbors, according to the aunt of the child.

Why, exactly, the animal attacked the girl and the woman, is unclear. Whether the child was playing at the time of the accident alone or with the shepherd, is currently being investigated, says Gaugler.

the dog says back home

As Rolf Wirz, spokesman for the people’s economic and health Directorate of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, to VIEW, the female in the household, where the attack happened. The injured woman, however, is not the owner of the three-year-old four-legged friend, says Adrian Gaugler.

Meanwhile, could leave the child to the hospital. And also the bitch is back home. According to Wirz, was brought on Thursday “temporarily in a shelter, where you have to deal with such animals-and-white”. Now the animal is “under strict safety regulations” back. The incident will now be analysed and the dog “clarified in Detail”, says Wirz.

The villagers told the “Basler Zeitung” that the dog had bitten in the past with other dogs. In one case, had not even been a complaint. Police spokesman Gaugler denied: “In the Canton of Basel-country, no charges were filed.” The people’s economic and health Directorate of the Canton has no knowledge of any display.

Whether the current case will have consequences for the dog and the owner, is still unclear. The prosecution is currently considering whether a criminal case will be opened.