All the children who attend a Kindergarten or school, should be vaccinated according to the Minister, against measles. “Who is there, prove it,” said Spahn. Who’ll care now, should the proof up to the 31. July of next year later. The proof could be carried out on the vaccination certificate or Vaccination certificate. Who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons, had to prove this with a medical certificate.

children without Vaccinations will be from Kita-visit excluded. “Finally, children under ten months may not be vaccinated and, thus, are particularly vulnerable to are in day-care centres,” said Spahn. In the case of schools this was not possible, because there is compulsory education. “But who lets his child is not vaccinated, the Fines threatened in the amount of up to 2500 euros.” This should be initiated by the health authorities.

93% of children against measles through vaccination, Although according to the latest Figures from the Robert Koch-Institute, holds Spahn, a vaccination is essential. “I want to eradicate the measles,” said Spahn, the “BamS”. At least 95 percent would have to have two measles vaccinations. “This ratio, we do not reach, despite all the campaigns and good Appeals.”

vaccination against measles are in future to be the same for all Doctors, except dentists. Also, the public health service should play a stronger role. He could offer to schools and day care centers vaccinations.

Spahns draft law is currently being voted on in the government. He expected this year with a decision of the Bundestag, said Spahn.