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Benedikt Howedes Benedikt Höwedes
FC Lokomotiv Moscow / YouTube

defender of the Moscow football club “Lokomotiv” German Benedikt Howedes spoke about the situation with coronavirus in Russia. He described the situation in the country “crazy” and does not believe in the veracity of official data on the number of infected.

“In Russia, according to official figures, is still known only about 114 cases of infection with coronavirus. According to Putin, this is due to the serious preventive measures across the country in the first week the spread of the virus. Even a fool knows that the number of unreported cases must be much higher. It is only this week closed all the borders for the next two months,” writes Höwedes.

According to the German, who published his text on the eve in the column of the portal T-Online in the Russian cities continue to cafes and the streets crowded with people and the subway is generally jam-Packed.

“the Madness,” says the Legionnaire.

Ein Land vor eurer Zeit. Der Fuball ist in vielen Lndern lahmgelegt, spielte er hingegen noch am Sonntag vor voller Htte. Einblicke von unserem Kolumnisten @BeneHoewedes aus Russland. #corona

— Robert Hiersemann (@Hiersinho) March 19, 2020

According to official data on the evening of 20 March in Russia was 253 cases with coronavirus new. Per day, this figure rose to 54 people.

“Looking at action in Germany, I’m always surprised at how calmly the people there cope with the risk of infection. No bulk purchases in stores and lack of disinfectants. Maybe it’s because we live about two weeks before your timeno. As in Germany two weeks ago, people don’t think about staying home at any price, although now it is officially recommended not to visit the offices. Schools don’t close for three weeks from next Monday. A few weeks ago in Germany, the action was as chaotic or inconsistent,” writes the player.

Earlier, striker “Krasnodar” Ari in an interview with Brazilian media also expressed doubts about the official data on the number of infected in Russia, but later said he was misunderstood.