Compared with the last European elections, the CDU/CSU dropped from around 35 percent to around 28 percent, their coalition partner, the SPD, from around 27 percent to around 15 percent.

These Figures illustrate cold and clear the current Disaster of the German government.

And what moved the German media?

It is blabbed out to the young Web video producer Rezo, a Social Media rebel, the appearance with its Youtube-the CDU/CSU destroy. It is raved by the Greta Thunberg-motion Fridays for Future, would like to sow to the rescue of the world climate panic. It bitching about the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, the verstolperte a Manifestation of the regulation of the digital election campaigns. It will be denigrated on the SPD chair Andrea Nahles, the want to ensure early elections in office as Chairman of the German Bundestag and their Power over the party.

Yes, in the German media these days, all sorts is going on.

No term, no Name is omitted, the promises to the reader – and User-souls to be stirred up.

Or is it?

A concept a Name does not fall in this media turmoil around the European elections: Angela Merkel, the Head of the government, not in the heated debate. The owner of the
political policy competence is a non-issue.

While you come across smiles on all the media channels from the Harvard. The Elite University has awarded the honorary doctorate.

The geographical distance corresponds to the medial distance: No dial, no station, no platform pulls the loser of these elections – the person Responsible for the catastrophic outcome – responsibility.

imagine the government of a vibrant democracy after such a defeat: you would be taken by the journalists of the democratic media in liability, dragged on stage, caustic issues, exposed to ruthless criticism of subject – deconstructed!

The Boss or the head of such a government would have the voters to be mediated by incorruptible journalists, day and night, Red and answer. Election day is payday. In the democracy.
In the democratic Germany with the most modern
freedom, the basic law of the world, however, the journalists make a reverent bow to the Chancellor and to remove when you get close to your times but, then Bücklingen and only,
as soon as possible servant in prison in reverse.

In the German democracy, everything is allowed, just not in criticism of the woman who ruled for 14 years and now of their former voters of the receipt for obvious failure receives benefits for a irrlichternde environmental policy, for negligently, dismantled the armed forces, the waiver of a Europe strategy for the Sleepy digital
plans for the future – especially for the migration chaos is established.

the Latter should again separately before the eyes of lead: In July 2015, a month before the deliberate opening of the border, were the CDU and CSU in the polls at 42 percent, the social Democrats at 25 percent, the right-wing populist AfD in three per cent.

The German journalism, once admired as a bulwark against any desire of the Büttels and never the
worship Mighty suspicious, is today what it is called in English “embedded journalism” – embedded in the rites and rules of the government.

In the bed.