As the first country to take Germany against sick from Italy’s overcrowded hospitals. Also France gets help.

Italy reach out for help – and Germany seizes the.

Seriously ill patients infected with the coronavirus, now receiving treatment in hospitals in Germany, which has offered to provide free capacity available – so long as they can.

The Italian health care system is completely in the knees, after the epidemic has been raging in the country for a month and a half. Over 60,000 is found to be contaminated in Italy, and more than 6000 with the infection have died.

The first six patients from Italy were on Tuesday flown to the German city of Leipzig in Saxony.

Ten patients – also from Italy – is expected in the next few days in hospitals in north Rhine-Westphalia.

– We must show solidarity across Europe. We must safeguard the european spirit, says the prime minister Armin Laschet of north Rhine-Westphalia.

Two of the patients, as of Tuesday landed in Leipzig, both the 57-year-old critically ill men, which moved from the intensive care unit at a hospital in Bergamo.

Bergamo has been one of the worst hit cities in all of Europe, since the spread of the coronavirus took off during the month of February.

Italian doctors have said that they have been forced to make a tough prioritization between patients, as you can’t handle so many seriously ill on a walk.

Germany is also hit by the coronavirus. The country has of 27,000 confirmed cases. 114 with the coronavirus have died.

Health authorities in Germany expect an increase, even after the country has introduced strict measures to stop the spread of the virus.

The German government support the hospitals financially, with a plan to double the capacity. The germans currently has 28.000 intensive beds.

Germany went on Tuesday also opposed to the patients from France.

– We still have three, five or seven days, before we hit the big wave, says spokesman Hartmut Bueckle at a university hospital in Freiburg.

– The time will we use to help our French neighbours, as long as we can.

Freiburg is located close to the border of eastern France, which have been hard hit. One of the French patients are moved from a hospital in Colmar, where the pressure on the intensive care unit are so large that they can not take more.