This is the German Statistical office reported on Wednesday on the basis of a first estimate. 22 polled by Reuters banks-Economists had expected on average, also up 0.4 percent.

In the second half of the year 2018, the recovery had come to a standstill: In the third quarter, Europe’s largest economy shrank by 0.2 percent. There is a Stagnation in the final was followed by quarter of the year.

special effects contributed as the bumpy transition to the exhaust gas standard WLTP in the car industry, as well as the low water on the Rhine, which was a burden to the chemical industry.

trade conflicts as a risk

in Spite of the robust launch of a weak year 2019: the Federal government and the EU Commission expect GDP to increase by 0.5 percent, after it had passed in 2018 to 1.4 percent.

Background are a number of risks. A Brexit without agreement, as well as the trade conflicts of the United States, China and the EU. (SDA)