This was confirmed by the district court of Mosbach imposed a ban on. Two years ago, the shipping was württemberg’s pharmacy in the baden-2000-souls town of Hüffenhardt installed the first machines in Germany. In the case of the “pharmaceutical video consultation with an attached drug delivery” were able to accommodate clients via Video contact with a pharmacist in the Netherlands and drugs from a vending machine get.

According to the lawsuits of the land pharmacists Association of Baden-Württemberg and pharmacists from the area of the operation has been stopped, however, by a court. The company has, after the confirmation of the ban by the court of appeal now have the opportunity to draw the judgment to the Federal court.

The Rose did not want to comment on the judgment for the time being. “We want to first wait for the written grounds of judgment, and then carefully evaluate it,” said a spokeswoman to the news Agency AWP. About a possible Appeal of the verdict will be decided at a later date.

For the mail-order pharmacy Zur Rose is Germany the most important sales market. In the past year, the group recorded in the Northern neighboring country with a turnover of 581 million euros. In the home market of Switzerland, sales amounted to 527 million francs. (SDA)