German conservatives decided to let Huawei for 5G networks in Germany

Germany seems willing to allow Huawei to participate the deployment of German mobile networks fifth generation (5G), despite attempts by the United States to expel the Chinese vendor from all countries of Europe.

Lawmakers from the conservative party signed a strategic document which proposes a compromise approach between the Huawei ban and giving the company full freedom of action.

Germany and had previously stated that it would not block Huawei access to its market. In April 2019, the year, the head of the Federal network Agency of Germany Jochen Hohmann stated that the Agency will not interfere with the access of Chinese companies to create 5G network in the country, despite pressure from the United States. Merkel and the German foreign Minister Heiko Maas also stated that Germany will have to decide this issue, not restricting competition, but given the security issues.

At the end of last year at the annual Congress of the Christian democratic Union of Angela Merkel, the party members adopted a resolution, non-binding, the prevention of the flow of 5G equipment from foreign manufacturers, which can be influenced by their governments.

In General, is the position of German parliamentarians seem to be not too different from the plans adopted by the Kingdom two weeks ago.

Lawmakers have signed the document on Monday night after weeks of dispute with supporters of the US position that the Huawei equipment is unsafe, and that it can compromise the telecommunication network for data transmission to Beijing, to be used for spying.

the document notes that the equipment of any manufacturer can be used in the deployment of 5G networks, but the risks cannot be completely eliminated, and therefore, should be minimized by using “comprehensive technical inspection”. It further States that encryption can be used to ensure the safety of PEredevenir data.

As in the UK, all three network operator in Germany use the technology of Huawei, and outright ban could prove costly and delay the deployment of 5G for clients in all parts of the country. In the article a distinction is made between access, transport and core network to allow operators to choose the most reliable company for providing technology in sensitive areas of the network. Like the UK, Germany seeks to ensure that the networks are not used equipment of only one company.

to the hardware of certain companies included in the sensitive areas of the network, companies will have to fulfill certain requirements, which exclude any impact from foreign States for the 5G infrastructure. As for the already existing 4G network, the operators will have until 2025 to replace the equipment in the sensitive areas of the network, if the manufacturer of the equipment will not pass safety test.

Earlier it was reported that Huawei is planning to open in Europe, several centers for manufacturing equipment that would ensure the operation of mobile communication of the fifth generation (5G) in the EU. The Chinese manufacturer hopes that the establishment of such production centers will help to persuade the EU to remove restrictive for Huawei to participate in the creation of the 5G networks in European countries. Special hopes in this matter Huawei imposes on Germany.