a Tragic mountain accident in Samedan, GR. A group of four from Germany wanted to SC on Sunday morning from the Chamanna Tschierva to the Piz Roseg (3937 m.M.) high. The people were unangeseilt, according to the Graubünden cantonal police.

The climbers chose the usual Route over the so-called donkey ridge. On a Climbing slipped the 28-year-old mountaineer from most suddenly and fell down about 100 meters of a rock wall.

she was injured so severely that she died on the accident. The Rega Crew and two rescue specialists from the SAC Bernina, the Victim has been recovered and the valley flew.

To take care of the mountain, the Care was offered, the comrades Team Grischun. The Alpine police, the cantonal police of Graubünden determined the exact cause of the accident. (you)