pop star Mel B. (43) chatted in a TV Interview with Piers Morgan (54), that she had Sex with her Spice Girl colleague Geri Horner (46), formerly of Halliwell,. The back has the rumors of a lesbian affair, but now decided.

About their Management Ginger can Spice proclaim: “It was very disappointing to read again about all these rumours, and especially of all places on mother’s day.” They called Mel B.’s statement as “painful” and says it is true. And, although friends of the two Spice Girls claimed in a conversation with the “Daily Mail” that it was not a fling, but a roughly one-year relationship.

Mel B. feels as a liar

Mel B. is shown, according to an Insider of the “Mirrors” shocked by Geri Horner’s statement. “Mel has the feeling that Geri makes you a liar. She said: “It is almost as you would try to erase our history”,” he explains.

It was even speculated that the rumors now threaten the upcoming Spice Girls Tour. But for Fans, it gives the all-clear. Horner also allows your Management to announce: “Geri can’t wait to see the girls and all the Fans on the Tour to have a wonderful time with all of you, and to collect new memories.” (euc)