The Georgian Ex-Premier Bidzina Ivanishvili (63) puts pressure on the management of Credit Suisse. VIEW a letter to the lawyers of the big Bank. The law calls for representatives of the billionaire, and former politician with the emphasis on the refund of almost 53 million Swiss francs. The postulate is, in connection with the fraudulent activities of a former CS-customer Advisor in Geneva.

The present letter is dated on the beginning of August and is addressed to the law firm Walder Wyss, representing the CS. The sum of 53 million Swiss francs were received by the Bank in the years 2009 to 2015, it says in the letter exchange.

150 million francs demanded

Iwanischwilis attorneys, but on behalf of other Affected even more. In sum, the legal representative will want to have the equivalent of about 150 million Swiss francs from the Swiss Bank. So much to deserve the Credit Suisse with those customers, which in the Geneva case of fraud to the Injured party. For more hard-to-rich Eastern Europeans belong to.

The Offensive is the latest development in a years-long dispute, the judge and PR consultant equally busy. In the USA, Singapore and new Zealand, there was method in this context. In the “Financial Times” appeared under a Pseudonym with a full-page ad of the Injured party. Two Swiss Newspapers denied, however, that print.

Second judgment from Geneva

in 2015, Credit Suisse revealed the multi-million dollar fraud case. Tidjane Thiam (57) was only a few weeks the head of the big Bank. In the actual litigation of the Geneva criminal court ruled last in the second instance. It is, in Essence, confirmed the verdict in February of last year. The Geneva justice sees it as proven that the former CS employee has made the marketing of fraud, forgery and disloyal management is guilty.

The court quantified the damage in February 2018 to approximately 140 million francs. It is a prison sentence of five years said. The second instance is based the judgment. The parties may consider the verdict but the Federal Supreme court.

Zero-tolerance for misconduct

The Credit Suisse notes that she herself is the Injured party. The Geneva justice have confirmed that the former customers have failed to Advisor against internal regulations and Swiss law. He had committed criminal acts in order to deceive the control system of the Bank. His fraudulent behavior, he had held in front of other employees secret. He had been supported by anyone internally for his crimes.

“, Credit Suisse has a Zero-tolerance approach to misconduct of its employees,” says CS spokeswoman Anna Sexton. The 53-million-claim of the Georgian Ex-Prime Minister, Sexton says: “the amount of the allegedly from the Bank revenue generated as well as the related alleged claim without any basis.”