With “Mon chien Stupide” has realized the luxury goods industry, well-known Georges Kern (54) his first feature film as a producer. VIEW spoke with a Swiss entrepreneur and Manager about his passion for the cinema, about dogs, cult books and the right music.

I’m a big dog lover. I now have my third dog, the first I had as a child. It’s true what they say about dogs. Dogs bring life, joy, happiness, and peace in the family. But of course, dogs are also like a Baby, you have to take care of you.

A very small, a Havanese. It weighs under seven pounds. You can transport well, also in the plane. We wanted a dog that you can take anywhere. And Havanese do not lose hair like other dogs, so the Sofa stays clean at all times. His name is Charlie. I mention it in my rotational restrictions in the credits of my film, to my family.

He is the result of a year long process. I originally developed the Film with Marc Forster. In the US, the financing for independent films, however, is very difficult. Marc then took his Disney movie “Christopher Robin” in the attack, and I told him that I “would implement the Mon chien Stupide” in France. Originally it was more of a Comedy, now a Drama-Comedy arose from it. The Film has received, with Yvan Attal as a Director and main actor of a different tone than in the English Script.

In France, one tries to realize this movie for 20 years; sometimes the well-known Director Claude Berri. All of them were not able to implement the Film, since you did not get the rights. Belonged to Peter Falk, the legendary “Columbo”actor, who in 2011 passed away. Finally, I got to the intensive efforts, the rights, and the people in France were excited that someone with a sense of their culture, these rights are possessed. Then everything went very quickly. The book, in France, each. The challenge was a California game ends the novel on French circumstances. It is a completely different Setting. The reviews are overwhelmingly good, the people love the movie. It is a typical French Film. But he should be. And Peter Falk is, of course, acknowledged in the credits.

Definitely. Yvan and Charlotte are since decades a Couple of, and together have three children, a son involved in the Film. It is a very personal Film for Yvan and Charlotte, which will play in the Film itself.

I spoke with three Directors in France and had to develop three scenarios. I have talked to much to begin with Arthur Cohn on the fabric. He told me that I would need two years to get a reasonably good script. You can have the greatest actor and the greatest Director, If the script sucks, the movie is a letdown. At first I grinned, but he was right. With Yvan, I had a good feeling. I told him that I would like to be detached from the costs and potential financial success of a high-quality Film, because I’ve been twenty years in the luxury goods industry, as well as high-quality and high-quality products aim for. I can’t afford a primitive movie and don’t want to. Quality is more important to me than the commercial success.

you are quite right. This is the A and O. The music plays a fundamental role in this Film. And is basically, very important. I think a 20 to 30 percent of the success of a film from its music. Brad Mehldau is one of the best jazz musicians of our time. Amazing how much it brings peace of mind with his art in the Film. In particular, in the final scene, the music is crucial: here We have hardly any dialogue, just the camera movement, the two protagonists and the Sound. I’ve already seen the Film 20 times and I am again and again taken. A lot of people who have already seen the Film have told me that they had cried at the end. The idea to work with Mehldau, came by the way of Yvan, the two have been strained in 2001 and 2004.

I was a Science Fiction Fan, “Star Trek”, “star war”. One of my absolute favorite movies Blade Runner, with Harrison Ford. “Apocalypse Now” is incredibly strong, but also all films with Steve McQueen, in particular, “Bullitt” or “The Thomas Crown Affair”. I was always fascinated by the cinema. When I was earlier working in Hollywood, I went in the hotel, where the Stars were and where their films played. I found this to be very inspirational for my work.

horror movies. And I’m not watching any movies in which the Happy End is missing. Therefore, our Film also has a Happy ending unlike the book. I’ve said from the start, also to Yvan: I want a Happy ending. Therefore, we wrote the end.

Many of his books was made into a film already, only last up to that right now. The French Translation is excellent. We have taken up to 40 percent of the spoken texts in the Film’s original Fante, because the texts are so well written. Each sentence in the Film, even in the monologues. It is a very true-to-life book and still be extremely contemporary, although it’s set in the 1950s. Fresh as a Daisy. That alone is the fear of the loss of a loved one. The fear that if the wife or the children leave the common home.

I had, in the first line a lot of respect, especially in front of the expectations of the people in France. There is Fante idolized. That was what me in the selection process of Directors and employees. And that is why I opted for Yvan, because he could understand this expectation. All the French journalists have asked: Oh, God, how you want to get this book in France on the canvas? But I think the result is coherent, it flows, it fits in time and to France. Fantes daughter Vicky has emotion cried when she saw the movie with us together on the Fante Festival in Italy.