He is the counterpart to the duration of the optimists, Klaus Schwab (80) In the case of fine wines and exquisite food of the Hungarian philanthropist and Investor George Soros (88) is a lecturer at the WEF on the middle of the world. 2019 is, his Vision is darker than ever.

Soros began his speech as expected: Raven black. The first words: “Today, I want to warn the world of an unprecedented danger.”

last year, Tech-giants Google and Facebook, in which Soros saw the biggest threat to the open society, it is now China.

the danger comes from Xi Jinping

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the hands of a dictatorship to a deadly danger,” said the former Hedge-Fund Manager.

According to Soros, China is President Xi Jinping (65) on the way to a Techno-dictatorship. “Xi Jinping is the greatest enemy of a free society.” With the abolition of the term limits he created a whole on its Person-centred dictatorship. Xi will probably remain for life.

With a digital social credit system could control Xi the whole country. The people would be monitored by Algorithms and in the good and bad citizens divided. “This Monitoring is the end of the open society.”

kudos to Trump

However, Soros also sees hope: According to Confucian Tradition, Advisor to the ruler to be obliged to criticise this, even if it means exile or death. Xi must do so on the resistance of young critics in focus. If the economic situation deteriorate, erodiere the Power of the regime also automatically.

For once, Soros praised even US President Trump, last year one of his favorite villains. Trump is notoriously erratic, but the decision to declare China a strategic rival, was, for once, a real and well-planned step. The Problem is, but Soros fears that Trump and Xi arrange behind-the-Scenes, and Trump will explain the Deal on his victory.

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