A certain amount of anxiety I can understand. But I can reassure all of our consultants, we take away anything to anyone. We want to build a monopoly in Switzerland (laughs).

no, we mainly advise clubs, the structure and communication issues, as our Strengths lie. The advice sometimes ends in the staff proposals, which are then, in fact, caution is called for. This you may trust us but.

Yes, there was no head of sports, and no sports Commission at the club. Therefore, I had to be in the short term, operationally active. The goal was to change this state as soon as possible, so that those people can make the squad permanently in the club.

you can be assured that we separate the things clean. Bernhard Heusler has now a mandate of Bernhard Alpstaeg at FC Luzern, so we would assume there is currently no similar club mandate in Swiss professional football more.

… you forgot that we also work with the FC St. Gallen. We have also heard more often. That’s not true at all, this is far-fetched.

This is another duck – and especially Fredy Bickel unfair. He needs as a seasoned and successful head of sports, certainly not advice, its performance speaks for itself. Of course, we would recommend it but, if there were a constellation, we think that you would fit for both sides.

Clearly it would be more pleasant if we could work in peace and quiet in the Background. This is due to our past and the related Public difficult.

Our services are not come in this case. In the alleged conversations between the frame, the FC Aarau and Basel, we were not involved. But it is true that part of us will advise.

Because we were occasionally asked if we can help. There are not enough good and serious game consultant in Switzerland, because it needs us, too. We can help if we are asked, but advertise for sure anyone a player.

these are often difficult situations. Also here applies that we requested, then we will try to help. Actively we offer the however.

not Currently, no.

Basel leads against FC Zurich and Relegated to GC. Champion YB comes down 4. This ranking shows which clubs the player’s agent the most successful, the hollow of your Hand can make.

Under the title “compensation of clubs to players ‘agents” the Swiss foot balver band a controversial list.
In the latest edition, which is a Sunday look, it’s Transfers in the period from 1. April 2018 to 31. March of this year.

In the case of the agents of FC Basel is the most prestigious address: Well 2.25 million, the Basler spent under the recently resigned head of sports, Marco Streller in one year to consultants. At FC Zurich is also a considerable amount of nearly 1.9 million was recorded.

FCZ-sports-in-chief Tommy Bickel says: “Basically, I would like to give no information, but: We have generated in this period, a net transfer revenue of six million francs.”

rank 3 creates it’s Relegated to GC. The Zurich, which in the past season 38 (!) Players have used, gave the last 800 000 Fr. of agents from. An Insider who has access to the GC-books, says: “No wonder, if you know, as in Niederhasli in the last few years has been muddled along to date.”

YB, the end of the season 20 points ahead of chasers FCB (and 66 of the counter in front of GC) missed the podium. Rank 4 with a good 650 000 Fr. Or almost four times less than the FC Basel. The Swiss players ‘ agents have their headquarters, by the way, mainly in the low-tax Canton of Schwyz municipalities of Wollerau, Freienbach, and Feusisberg. (mk)