The distinctive chin, dreamy eyes: Ava (4), the daughter of Stacy Keibler (39), is cut to George Clooney (41) from the face. How “In” reported, this opinion is probably her husband Jared Pobre (44). He should claim that the Hollywood Star has in addition to the twins, Ella and Alexandra (2) an illegitimate daughter.

“a few days Ago, George received a Letter with the request to allow a DNA Test,” reveals a Confidant of Clooney. Two years Keibler, and the actors were a Couple. In June 2013, the two parted. The Ex-wrestler not wanted to have children, George. Nevertheless, Clooney and Keibler will not be disengaged completely from each other. According to rumors, even then, as Stacy already with Jared anbandelte.

Stacy was husband unfaithful

Has not found out, Jared, that his wife was at the beginning of your relationship true? Or is he noticed in fact, the Similarity? And Stacy even know who the father is? Since she was confronted with the accusation, keeps the Ex-wrestler in any case, sealing. A paternity test is now supposed to be for education.

Amal is on the ground,

destroys The rumour, the illegitimate child comes to a very bad time. The Clooney’s at the moment is a Marital crisis. “Amal is at the end. She cries only,” says a friend of the family. Clooney deny the rumors seem credible. But your husband could still have another child, have moved the human rights lawyer, the ground under their feet. “You can’t see George once in the eye.” Therefore, Amal has escaped with the twins to New York. “She wants to now get the head a little and think about how to go on.” (lcb)