Gennady Orlov stood up for the fans, almost beaten in Grozny for the bare torsos

Gennady Orlov stood up for the fans, almost beaten in Grozny for naked torsos Gennady Orlov stood up for the fans, almost beaten in Grozny for naked torsos
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Known telecommunicator Gennady Orlov for many years does not hide his sympathy for the St. Petersburg “Zenith”, commented on the incident with the fans blue-white-blue in the match of 1/4 of final of Cup of Russia in Grozny against the local “Akhmad” (2:1).

At the end of the game, a fight broke out between fans after a group of fans of “Zenith” held their traditional ritual – stripped to the waist. In Grozny have reacted to the aggressive supporters of the “Akhmad” immediately rushed to the guest sector of St. Petersburg.

fortunately, the conflict was extinguished in the initial stage the efforts of the stewards and the players themselves. After some time the owners returned to their seats and the game continued.

“our country is Russia, we have some laws. Yes, we must respect the traditions, but the guys sitting in the stadium, they went to the mosque with bare torso. They went to the stadium in a country where one law. Why is it that they have to carry someone’s laws, sitting in the stadium in the stands. There culture, they do not interfere with anyone,” said Orlov in an interview with Sport24.

the Commentator noticed that the Internet walks photo “the idol of the Muslim world,” Mohamed Salah, where his bare torso after celebrating the scored goal. Fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov also acts in a very frivolous view from the point of view of Orthodox Islam.

“Zso, don’t this so true, too,” summed up the eagles.

the Position of the commentator does not share the leadership of “Zenit”. The club made the most correct statement which actually admitted the guilt of their fans.

“On the guest platform “Zenith” some fans bared torso, this was seen as an act of disrespect to the host party – excessive emotionality and a misunderstanding led to wymagania fans of the Grozny team on the track to the podium. Fans of all teams always need to be respectful to the traditions of each other. Clubs are in close contact, and with offenders on both sides will be carried out”, – quotes the reaction command “SE”.

“of Course, traditions should be honored and respected. Understand that here their behavior was perceived in this way. It is difficult to say how many people were aware of local traditions. We will understand and communicate with fans. In any case, any conflicts should be solved peacefully and to always respect each other. What happened, don’t like neither us nor you, nor the fans,” said the coach of Zenit’s Sergei Semak.