is Maudet 7430 francs a month, a lifetime – and just like that, without lifting a Finger: What is for many Büezer a dream for Pierre (41) become a reality tomorrow. Then, it’s been exactly seven years since the FDP politician in the Geneva town hall, with the oath filed and his office as a councillor has begun. After this period, he is entitled to a Golden parachute in the amount of 89’161 francs per year, he should be voted out of office or resign.

To the latter step was Maudet has been pushed out months ago, even from the highest party leadership explicitly. Because the Prosecutor’s office determined against politicians in connection with a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi. The Suspicion: The Acceptance Of An Advantage. The affair not only in Geneva but also at the national party for a political earthquake.

Entmachteter councillor

not to go, Despite the massive loss of Confidence thinks Maudet it. And because a member of the cantonal government in Geneva can not be forced to resign, more he rules now anyway, but with virtually no skills. The Executive has withdrawn, as a consequence, almost all of the Dossiers. Formerly head of the important security departments, has Maudet currently, only the office for economic development among themselves.

The Western Swiss television RTS has calculated that Maudet has not been represented as a councillor since February in the Parliament meetings in average once a single business. To do even more of his counterparts have now.

“I don’t have to withdraw”

Maudet, the survey criticized on request from LOOK sharp. If he wants to access the Golden parachute back? The former FDP-shooting star says: “I make no claim to this pension, because I withdraw not intend to do.”

He emphasized that he had been before years, the a generous pension scheme, Geneva, will cost annually about 3 million Swiss francs, to the present day. “The life-long pension is not geared to people who can work for about two decades.”

The removed member of the cantonal government accuses the Finance Commission, the amendment of the law for years on postponing. “You would have to ask the question: Why have dawdled the most stubborn of the parliamentarians, the screaming in the media the lungs from the neck, so?”