It was a shake hands of great historical significance: in The 19th century. November 1985, met the then-US President Ronald Reagan (died in 93) and his Soviet counterpart, Mikhail Gorbachev (88) for disarmament talks in Geneva.

After the two-day summit, Reagan said at the time: “I am leaving Geneva, in the Confidence that this summit, the fireplace has contributed to conversations for a better world in peace.” His optimism proved to be justified: The negotiations are considered today as the beginning of the end of the Cold war.

Two hours of negotiations over flags

the Meeting of the super powers was not the only Time in Geneva’s history was written. A historic turning point in the recent history of the conclusion of the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 – even if the United States have now dropped out again.

The Iran negotiations were held in Geneva. Switzerland presided as hostess. Not an easy Job: for example, first of all, a large round table had to be organized, because a square was out of diplomatic reasons, not an Option – no one should not be made merely in a figurative sense, in the corner. For two hours we fought also alone over the arrangement of the flags on the stage, on which the agreement finally was signed.

Drunken Banker as a spy However, Geneva is not only one of the most popular places in the world for secret talks between the most Powerful – but also a Paradise for those who after sniffing them. The global city is a Hotspot for spies and secret services.

the headlines For a Wiretap of the British intelligence service MI6 provided, for example. In the nineties, he is said to have the offices of the then UN human rights Commissioner Mary Robinson (75) bugged. Ex-CIA employee and Whistleblower Edward Snowden (36) revealed that the US secret service had tried, against the Background of the tax dispute between the USA and Switzerland, to win a Geneva Banker as a spy by making him drunk and into a trap lured.

That the secret service had its Finger in the game, it was also speculated at the mysterious death of German politician Uwe Barschels (†43). After a sordid political affair, and only a few days after his resignation, the former Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein in 1987, was discovered dead in the bathtub in room 317 of the hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva. The official Version of the authorities – suicide – is also in doubt for decades afterwards.

It is almost 18’000 square meters and has been renovated since its construction almost 90 years never: the Palais des Nations, in Geneva, the UN sitting in the office. In the neoklassizis hiss construction of modern architects including the Swiss Le Corbusier criticized – moved in 1933 to the League of Nations, the UN predecessor. Also the furniture is still from this time – it was then donated by the member States.

But now the Palace is being overtaken on the banks of lake Geneva in General-and expanded – for 836,5 million Swiss francs. The cost of the Federal government (292 million) and the Canton of Geneva (108 million) are involved. This will be renovated and extended: In the North-East of the complex there is a growing to offer 700 additional jobs. The Work will be completed in 2023. Sermîn Faki