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SPLETNIK.RU continues to talk about the idols of youth that are not only effortlessly set trends in social networks, but also to successfully monetize its popularity to multimillion-dollar contracts. Once we have introduced you to musicians, songs which go crazy modern Teens, and this time decided to focus on the outstanding youth platform TikTok that sets the trends and the agenda.

the Emergence of the social network has launched a new era in the Internet: today star dictonary (and teenagers who want to become them), even going to certain houses, where not only live together, but every day all together produce the content in the pursuit of likes and subscribers. The new material we will tell about Dean Savoy, Rahim Abramov, Dan Milophene and other idols of the teenagers, who were among the first stars of Russian TikTok and their thorny path to success.

Dina Seva, 20 years old, 12.9 million subscribers

On the Internet Dean Sewu called the face of Russian TikTok. The girl was one of the first to develop a youth platform a few years ago and now has a record for the number of subscribers and plans to open its own production centre for the promotion of new young stars.

Dean Saava

TikTok brought Dina popularity not only in our country but also far beyond its borders (on Saeva signed a large number of people from India, USA, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan), as well as multimillion-dollar contracts with brands — collaborate with a girl today want everything from Coca-Cola to Dolce & Gabbana. She Saewa a few years ago even could not dream that will become not only the hero of the day, but also be able to provide honestly earned by their labor and creativity money the whole family.

Left to find the groom..

Dina was born and raised in the capital of Tajikistan in a simple family chef and a taxi driver. In the early 2000s, the family of Savoy after 10 years of training he received Russian citizenship and moved to Ekaterinburg. The first time Dean, her parents, brothers and sisters had very difficult: they often slept directly on the floor of a night club, where at that time worked the girl’s father, sometimes tried to hang out with friends and weekends spent in IKEA, because they just had nowhere to go.

the ordeal of childhood not killed in Dina craving for beauty. She always tried to be creative: fond scene and conducted school concerts. At some point she wanted to share its content with the world, and she checked in on instagram. Parents, despite their rather strict morals, not screened��whether daughter to get involved in social networks, but only insisted that she go on to get “more serious” education.

instagram Saeva beginning to post videos with their dancing and lipsinking (lip-synch is a technique of performance of musical works when audio is recorded separately, and the performer on stage adapts to the rhythm of the soundtrack. — Approx. ed.) and during the year gathered on the page the audience of 40 thousand people. Even then, Dean started to monetize its popularity.

the First time Saeva earned very little money on advertising cosmetics and accessories, and not to depend on parents, was forced to look for jobs at McDonald’s. The fascination with social networks and part time Dina was combined with studies in law at the Ural Finance and law College, where she enrolled at the insistence of parents.

for the Instruction of all graduates from @bastaakanoggano

the Main chip Dina Savoy at that time began dancing to national songs of different peoples, which at breakneck speed went Internet. She found his gold mine eloquently said the sharp increase in audience and a huge number of hits.

I was not the captain of your ship hype. The day can sign up for 15 000-20 000 people. For me it was a shock,

— Dean recalled in an interview with Forbes.

Dean Saava and Egor Krid
Soon Saeva decided to quit College and move to Moscow to turn its popularity in social networks the main source of income. In 2018 the growth of her followers on instagram has slowed sharply, after which she began to look for new channels to distribute your content. Just at that moment Saeva remembered popular among teenagers social network TikTok, the account in which it is of interest started a couple of years ago.

At that time Dean was not someone to be: Russian stars in the social network has not yet appeared, so the girl for a long time, to monitor the content of foreign ticktockers to understand what attracts today’s youth.

following the example of American ticktockers SEWA began to remove various challenges, humorous clips with scenes from movies and dances to the music of the Western pop stars and motivational video with a call to make this world kinder. In the same period, Dean began to remove content from another aspiring star TikTok — Rahim Abramov. Their collaboration was very successful and spawned a wave of rumors about the affair of Dina and Rahim reviews on this subject, young people are not given, thus only fueling the interest of subscribers. br>
eventually Dina so unwound in TikTok, starting to help to conquer the platform with many Russian pop stars: using owls��- known Dina rollers to increase its audience in TikTok managed Egor Creed, Juliana Karaulova, Elena Temnikova and many others.


If in the beginning of his career in TikTok Saeva rented videos when she was in this mood, now sees content production as their work and try to publish 4-5 clips per day, to maintain interest of the audience. That’s always something to surprise its subscribers, Dina signed up for fitness, vocal courses, English language and acting: according to Savoy, it is important to be diverse and unpredictable. br>
Rahim Abramov, 22 years, 8.2 million subscribers

Rahim Abramov along with Dina Savoy is one of the pioneers of the Russian TikTok. Blogger was born in Uzbekistan, spent his childhood in Siberia, where his family moved immediately after his birth. In 15 years, Rahim moved to Chita, where he is seriously fond of sports, — Abramov was engaged in Boxing, football, basketball, volleyball, and even trained at the Olympic school.

Gucci flip flup

a year later, the Abrams moved to the capital, where he became a student of Russian new University. Rahim began to learn to be a programmer, but soon realized that I would not like to associate with this specialty his life.

Rahim Abramov

Abramov was Much more fascinated by the creative problem — self-expression, he gravitated from school. He began writing scripts for his own humorous commercials that were first published on YouTube — at first they didn’t have millions of views, but still they resonated with the audience: it is thanks to them, Rahim appeared first fans.

Rahim Then went on instagram and started to create a short comic sketches — the so-called vine, which at that time enjoyed great popularity among young people. Abramov was one of the pioneers in this genre, making its audience has expanded significantly. In their video Rahim shot often friends and family members — mostly mom and grandma. It is this kind of family atmosphere created by Abramov in the video and conquered many Internet users.

Becoming Insta-famous, Rahim decided to move on. In 2018 he was one of the first in Russia began to develop TikTok. In popular among Teens the social network Abramov continued to publish short video of friends and family members, and also made a bid to the dance videos and all kinds of challenges — this chip Rahim peeked at the Western ticktockers.

this year, Abrams went even further and did music. In March he released his debut track “naive Girl” and later released a few more ��of omposite. To promote their tracks rahimu didn’t even have to exert much effort — fans tikekar themselves happy to spread the tracks nacinajuscego artist network, taking under their own dance video.

on Friday, July 17, live New Radio premiere of the track ##fendi don’t miss the broadcast at 10:00!!

it is Noteworthy that earned in Rahim invests not only in the production of content for TikTok and recording new hits, but in charity. The young man regularly carries out the action “Kind heart”, in which he travels to different cities of Russia and helps those in need among their fans money, and also gives them nice gifts.

Danya Milohin, 18, 6.2 million subscribers

Danya Milkin is one of the youngest ticktockers in our collection. Daniel’s childhood was difficult — he was born in Orenburg and in the three years after the divorce of his parents along with his older brother Elijah was sent to an orphanage. Milkin claims that the culprit was alcoholism of the father. To 13 years Dan grew up in the reformatory, which was dominated by a very harsh manners: for the two teachers often punished wards with a rolling pin and all that came to hand.

Danya Mylogin

In 13 years Milkina and his brother had guardians, businessmen Tyuleneva who lived in his cottage, and was engaged in the sale of sports nutrition. Soon the whole family moved to Anapa, where Dan immediately burst out of control. The young man openly declared the unwillingness to learn what he had constant conflicts with guardians. At the age of 16 Milohin even hooked on drugs in his recent interviews, the guy claims that this habit he finally finished.


Their first video for TikTok Dan started to shoot in Budapest, but only after reaching adulthood, self-moved to Moscow. Milken began to share, which, by his own admission, initially did not have a specific theme: Daniel just shot that close and like him.

Start shooting for yourself, no matter what my friends say or people who watch this video. Turn your weaknesses into raisins and never anybody did not ask whether they like it or not, just do it. Nobody will understand how awesome you are, while you yourself won’t admit it, — gives advice Milkin all beginning ticktockers.

the Popularity of Daniel in the vast TikTok very quickly began to grow. To attract the attention of the audience Elohenu ��was Mohali collaboration with other well-known testocreme and challenges with popular pop artists — one of them called #unovisionchallenge Dan started with the band Little Big. By his own admission, each new video platform helped him to deal with their own complexes and instilled belief in himself.

Oooouuuuu boom

This year Milohin decided to expand the range of his work and to try himself in music. In the midst of isolation due to a pandemic coronavirus Dan released the single “I’m home” line which quickly spread to the people. Just over a month the video for the song scored 6 million views, after which the guy believed in your strength and have released a new song “You and me”.

the Popularity of Tribute to TikTok in early summer led to a new collaboration. Together with Timati and Dzhigan Milohin recorded the track “Starving” and submitted it to the program “Evening Urgant”. This guy appeared even more fans — and now not only among teenagers.

by the Way, the elder brother of Dani, Elijah, also tries his hand on the platform TikTok, but subscribers it is much less. While the brothers are already several years in a quarrel and do not talk. While Ilya in adolescence seriously fond of sports and chess, his younger brother skipped school and got hooked on illegal drugs that was constantly generated conflicts.

Diana Astor, 20 years 5.9 million subscribers

Another Russian star TikTok, Diana Aster, a native of Voronezh. After graduation, the girl realized her dream — she moved to the capital and entered the Russian economic University named after Plekhanov, where he studied at the faculty of management.

Diana Astor

Immediately after moving to Moscow, Diana began to develop a social network. First, she started a page on instagram telling followers about their daily lives, and in 2019 it is discovered TikTok. Here at Astor have more scope for creativity.

In the battle of the houses we’re on the Pepsi! Received a call from @chanderland and pass @hahadetka Hurry for a new Pepsi Mango in Pyaterochka

a Petite woman with pink hair that looks bright thanks to the many subscribers compared to a Barbie doll, began to share a short video in which they act out various skits, sang and danced. Easy content to set the mood immediately liked the audience and the number of subscribers Diana began to grow exponentially.

In the early 2020 Diaon joining one of the most famous houses of cytocarb called Dream Team House, which also cooperate Danya Milkin and other well-known dictonery. In these homes has been a creative atmosphere — the guys not only live in the same area, but every day shoot a dozen videos, which then are divided in their profiles. In your home dictonery often invited stars of show business — thanks to this visit Diana have videos with Dima Bilan and Egor Creed.

I told dime that the track is usual, and he says cool##bodycare

Recently, like many other dictonary, wanted to try himself in music. Diana released the track “Barbie”, which was inspired by her nickname on the network. Later, Astaire also introduced the music video for their debut song, which has already elicited a response from her many fans. To stop Diana clearly doesn’t want and is already preparing new content, which plans to further impress its users.

Alexey Savko, 22, 5.8 million subscribers

All of the childhood and youth of Belarusian Alexei Savko was mocked because of his low stature, and its 22 years thanks to this feature could become a real star TikTok and now earns about 2 million rubles a month.

because of variations in the physical growth of Alexei stood at around 136 inches, which has long generated a large number of complexes and prevented significant progress in the work. In 13 years, he resigned to his feature and decided to make it its main feature. The guy started to rap at local concerts and was fond of sports, to become more self-confident.

Alexey Savko

In 2012, Savko was seriously injured during a training session, which has survived several operations and almost 2 years spent in the hospital. Then the doctors gave disappointing forecasts and even frightened of Alex what he never gets on his feet. Health problems only pushed Alexis to his goal of becoming rich and famous.

At that moment I began to dream big about the media. I wanted to break into Moscow and believed in what this city will hear me,

— Savko told in an interview with Forbes.

However, before moving to Moscow Alexei still had a long way to go. At 17 he entered the Grodno College of arts in the local drama theater, and in parallel worked at various leading festivals and in Nightclubs. Then Savko began to shoot and post on instagram, Facebook and YouTube short reports from events that are in the OSgray watched his friends and friends of friends.

At the same time Alex didn’t leave their dreams to move to Moscow and become famous. Once he sent his resume on the channel TNT, which at the time I passed a casting on one of the new projects. Savko was noticed and invited to audition for Moscow. It seemed that the dream came true Alex, but soon the project was closed has not yet received its name.

For me it was a big loss. It seemed that I was so close to everything,

— says Savko.

Since Alex remained in Moscow and took part in a large number of castings, however, their symbolic role and has not got. Savko then decided to change strategy and to focus on the development of instagram. He began writing to various bloggers with over a million people and offer them cooperation. On offer Savko immediately responded Dan virlan and nick’s Viper, which specialized in the production of vine. Videos on pages of bloggers with Alexei immediately attracted the audience and on his personal page.

Family.One love is A family.One love

In 2017 Savko finally fulfilled his dream and made his debut on television — it played a cameo role in the series “Grand” on STS, and then was immediately invited to show “the Street” on TNT.

However, become really popular Alex helped youth platform TikTok. Unwind in the social network he helped producer Rustem Bogdanov, who at that time was engaged in development of the then little-known TikTok in Russia. Instead, Bogdanov asked the percentage of each advertising contract of Alexei. Rustem explained Savko what content can potentially go on the platform and helped him take off the first 15 movies. From the second month Savko began to create their own content and actively earn advertising.

He used the trending Asian music, which at that time was very popular on TikTok. But others danced in the background of my grandmother’s carpet under the tracks of Soviet stars,

— explained the phenomenon Savko producer Bogdanov.

after 3 months, Alexei was already more than 200 thousand spectators, and in the summer of 2019 he became the most popular Russian-speaking ticketron. Now Alex works with such brands as Fanta, Sprite, Uber, Sberbank and “Yandex.Taxi”, and actively engages in collaborations with other stars TikTok. He Savko explains his success through hard work and the presence of his acting education.

Watch to the end Watch to the end

Max brown, 24 years, 6.4 million subscribers

Popular tikekar Max brown is a native of Kazan. He grew up in a simple family and from early childhood was drawn to creativity and studied at musical school in violin and later began playing piano. Still in BPhim back in school, Max has created his own YouTube channel, which showed subscribers a variety of chemical experiments.

Max brown

This format is not only popular with audiences, but quickly tired of the very brown. Then he began to walk the streets of his native city and ask funny questions to passers-by. The idea also failed, but Max did not leave his dream of becoming a star of the Internet. Then he came up with a show called “the БлоGGеры”, which interviewed the same novice YouTube stars like himself. The first guest of his program has now become a popular blogger Sasha Spielberg, which was still little known.

Friends VS Lovers ?##recommendations

Max began to gradually enter the blogger party and meet some popular youtubers, like Katya Klep, Ruslan Usachev, Mary vey, Julia Pushman and many others. Some of them then became the guests of the show, helping brown to significantly expand the audience. Soon max’s channel on YouTube began to gradually lose its popularity. Then, in the life of brown and appeared TikTok.

For the popular among Teens worldwide network Max began to make social videos in which ironically reflects upon such eternal topics as love, friendship and loyalty. Videos brown’s funny, touching and instructive at the same time. This approach helped max very quickly become ticketron-millionaire. After that, brown was able to realize another of his dreams — to become a musician.

last year, Max released his debut track called “Rubik’s Cube”, which immediately appreciated by the fans and then released a few more tracks. Becoming a star TikTok, brown decided to return to YouTube: he made a new channel, which publishes funny and provocative videos, as well as parallel tries to maintain the popularity in instagram, Vkontakte and other social networks.

Anet CY, 22, 2.8 million subscribers

Popular tictocs Anet SAI was born in Volgodonsk and from an early age dreamed of becoming a singer — her first song-the future star wrote when she was only 6 years old. In adolescence in Anet has already gained a solid repertoire of original songs, which she already planned to conquer the Russian show business.

After leaving school at 18 years of Anet rushed to conquer Moscow. To linger in the capital, CY had to earn operator in a call centre, hostess at the hotel and not only. One time SAI got a job as a administrator in a recording Studio, where a parallel could make arrangements of his songs.

Anet SAI

Annette has participated in numerous music competitions and by all means trying to break into the Russian show-business. Fortune smiled on the actress, when in 2019, she was selected for the show “Songs” on TNT. However, even participation in the project gave the girl a reputation as a platform TikTok. Just for youth platform, the girl finally could reveal all facets of his talent: here, she shares not only his new musical compositions and covers of songs by other artists, but also removes the dance videos and humorous sketches with other ticktockers and modern idols.

These girls are looking for crashes or have found?? @klavacoca

In TikTok Anet gets instant feedback in the form of likes and comments under the videos and understands in which direction she should move on. Dreams to conquer the stage SAI leaves and while preparing his biggest hit, which for sure will easily unwind thanks to its numerous spectators in TikTok.

What would you sing a song with those letters?