“Smombies” – the Generation Smartphone will be called – can’t live without the Internet in my pocket. We have lost the relation to reality, stupid and had no idea of the dangers that come with the phone in our life. With such a prejudice must measure my generations daily.

As a 19-Year-old, I’m in the middle of the “Generation Smartphone”. Admittedly, quite incorrectly, the statements are not, indeed, a life without cell phone is unimaginable for me. In short, the face to Unlock the screen, hold and alarm clock, music, global contacts, and photos and Videos are available to me. Thanks to the many opportunities and daily two-hour Commute, I spend about four hours per day on the Smartphone.

It is not a phone, but an Internet search

on Average, a teenager spends according to a study by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ( ZHAW ) 2.5 hours per day in front of the phone screen. With my four hours, I spent so even above average. I don’t refer to me as addicted, because if I looking for a Online test to complete , tell me the computer, I was only threatened easily.

Franz Eidenbenz , a psychologist with the special field of new media , sees the SC h: “Of Addiction, we talk then, if the excessive use is not restricted despite the clear negative effects .” Generally speaking, it was, according to Eidenbenz not a phone, but an Internet addiction. The device itself is not addictive, but the content that is consumed via the Internet.

I understand the urge to constantly check the screen for messages. To be the fear to miss something, excluded, or act unkind, can track every user of social media – whether he wants to admit it or not. Online is quickly made out of a molehill: a message without A Smiley face could appear tense and then provides for a reason for misunderstandings.

Almost half of primary school students has a mobile phone

The Opposite is expected in addition, an immediate response. The Funny thing: older generations want to have a quick feedback to your message: “Since you’re always on the phone, but when I call, not you. Where have you been?”

Many parents are happy that their child is always reachable and controllable. Study of the ZHAW rows show that in Switzerland, 25 per cent of the 6 – and 7-Year-olds have their own mobile phone. A total of around 48 per cent of all primary be student Smartphone owners.

From these Numbers I am amazed even not bad. Chantal Billaud, Executive Director of the Swiss crime prevention (SKP), puts it: “A 7-year-old kid you have to run through the street traffic, and so you should take it online to the Hand.”

user is in front of the screen uncontrollably

An educational support at such a young users is essential. Nowadays, not only the birds and the bees, but also cyber bullying and prohibited websites belong to the reconnaissance level.

According to Billaud, many users are in front of the screen uninhibited and acting under supposed anonymity, as it is Face-to-Face would hardly do. Why cyber bullying for victims to endure so hard? “Insults, insults or false statements can reach you around the clock many people and the Finished circuit does not stop even after school,” explains the SKP Executive Director.

in addition, victims usually know, who are yet the Post already seen, or shared. “The principle “once in power, always in power” is for cyber-bullying victims, in addition to distressing, there’s a conciliatory conclusion is difficult.” An advantage is that in the rule Text or picture evidence, and the identity of the perpetrators in the case of a law enforcement locate. Also in Switzerland, when no independent law exists in articles on cyber bullying can bullying actions, such as insult, threat, or blackmail to the police.

A daily phone-control of the parents is not necessary

So that it never comes to cyber bullying, parents mobile phones of their children. “You should show the interest and Posts of children, but a daily Check is not necessary,” says Media psychologist Lilian Suter. In your opinion, parents do not have to be necessarily active on social networks: “If one builds a trust base and accompanying the child, you have no control Account.”

in Addition, be reflected, some young people very, and scrutinize your applications is critical. Particular, the “Phubbing” is something that many find inappropriate: “you are sitting in the presence of others on the phone, although one could talk to each other,” explains Suter. Why do some do it anyway? “The youth is in a Dilemma in which you must respond to the negative sides of the smartphone is mandatory to take advantage of the positive aspects.”

And that’s exactly where the crux lies with the Smartphone: It is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Not quite sure whether the opportunities outweigh the risks, but no one. Global communication and connection, but we pay with a life time and privacy. I’m curious to see how it will go with us Online Guinea pig more.

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Always online, never really “there”? One may ask: How accessible you need to be really? Or: do you make yourself unnecessary pressure in terms of social self-representation? The “Digital Detox”Trend continues on the temporary phone-zero-diet – and this especially for the health!


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