General Rezantsev about the incident with the Americans: after the altercation started indiscriminate firing

the head of the coordination center of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in Syria, major-General Yakov Rezantsev told about the details of the conflict that occurred between American soldiers and local people on 12 February in the province of hasakah in the North of the country.

it All started with the fact that the Syrian military was stopped at a checkpoint near the settlement Harbat-Hamo military US convoy, deviating from the route. The Americans tried to forbid passage through Harbat-Hamo. Has arisen altercation, after which US troops opened indiscriminate fire on local inhabitants: women, children, the elderly. And none of them had no weapons. Killing 14-year-old boy Faisal Khalid Muhammad, another local resident was injured.

As reported by Rozantsev, Americans, in violation of all agreements, it has deviated from its previously planned route for three and a half kilometers, and wanted to drive through Harbat-Hamo. In addition, at the checkpoint one of the cars coalition stuck on the side, and the second broke.

the Conflict has been stopped by the Russian military: they brought us a convoy to the location. The Americans asked the Russians for emergency help, said the General.

Rezantsev added that the Americans were lucky that they stopped at the entrance to the village, and not stopped into, because to bring them out of the settlement would be problematic. “They behaved not quite correct”, — quotes the words of the Russian General RIA Novosti. The US military has demonstrated a dismissive attitude towards the local population, he added.

After the visit of the intruders in the village held an impromptu protest, which gathered about a thousand people.

for his part, the father of the deceased boy Bari al Khalid Muhammad said that Syria “suffers not only from the militants, she was suffering from the American occupation.”