In Moscow on red square held a dress rehearsal of the Victory parade. A column of military vehicles and aircraft got on the video. Video on Saturday, June 20, publishes Telegram-channel “Rise”.

The footage can be seen from the aircraft of military transport, and special aviation. Planes flew, leaving behind a trail of spray in the colours of the Russian flag. Also visible column of military equipment going along the Kremlin embankment, which drove the tanks are T-90M and T-80БВМ, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2.

Just the dress rehearsal was attended by over 14 thousand soldiers, about 200 units of military equipment including 20 units that will be the first to participate in the Victory parade. His actions worked for troop transport and combat helicopters, airplanes, tactical and military transport aircraft. There were 75 aircraft. Including aerobatic groups “Russian knights” and “Swifts”.

Earlier, on 19 June it was reported that in the Victory parade on 24 June will take part the new samples of military equipment. Viewers will show the anti-aircraft missile and gun system (zrpk) “Armour-CM” will also show another technical novelty: a fighting machine modernized “Armour-CM” on a wheeled chassis “Tornado-A”. Also, the audience will demonstrate a heavy infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) T-15 “Armata” ammunition 57-mm module “Dagger”.