“We need to go find a way to get rid of fear, on the streets, to protest and a military unit to aim for, to change this political System. It is time to rise.” The Venezuelan government would be controlled by the “Communist dictatorship” in Cuba, one of the closest allies of Maduro’s.

Rangel said he was a General of the air force. In the Video he appears in a suit. In his Hand he holds a copy of the Constitution. Air force commander Pedro Juliac posted on Twitter a picture of Rangel, the “traitor of the Venezuelan people and the Revolution” is written. From the environment of the military was heard, Rangel was an officer who had fled in April to Colombia.

The information Ministry did not respond initially to the request for an opinion. Also, Rangel was unable to reach.

Maduro delivers for months in a power struggle with opposition leader Juan Guaido, has proclaimed himself transitional President and is recognized by numerous countries. The military has a Central role in the conflict. Guaido has called for a coup, but so far few high-ranking soldiers to run him over. Explicit support for Guaido said Rangel.