Premiere at this year’s Openair Gampel For the first Time will play with the Genderbüebu a Schwyzerörgeli-force at the legendary Festival. The Valais are proud of: “For us, it was always a dream to play at Gampel. Realistically, it is not appeared but so far, Ländler is not represented here, Yes,” says Simi Schnydrig (36), Bassist of the Quartet.

in addition to folk, there is Rock

On Sunday morning, will be playing the four Genderbüebu three quarters of an hour on the main stage. To put this special Moment, you but not to your tried and tested program: “We will play only our own songs and also Rock Songs. From AC/DC over Metallica to Guns n’ Roses.” For this reason, you also have three other musicians – a drummer, a guitarist, and additional vocalist for the appearance engaged.

fear of the “morning pint”-concert, the four musicians not. “That would be a bad companion. But of course, we have to respect the reaction of the audience. It is not the music that you expected to be there actually.” And: The Genderbüebu from the mountain village of mouth VS enjoy at Gampel as the Valais, home-field advantage.

they reached Gold digital sales

the success of The schwyzerörgeli Quartet is unusual: professionally to all four band members are passionate farmers, per year give you only ten to twelve concerts. In February, the Valais got the Golden record for their Album “friendship” – without the digital sales. Clear that they could not lay the request from the Openair Gampel out.

The Valais Festival are connected to the four band members in a long time. Earlier, they participated as visitors to the event: “It is always a great experience, but this year will top that. Now the Gampel is equal to twice “iischi Party!””