There are only a few letters, but enough to make a huge trouble in the Zurich municipal Council trigger: A move by the Zurich-based SVP politician Susanne Brunner (47) has already been rejected twice by the Zurich Council because it was not formulated “gender justice”.

The rules of the Zurich municipal Council demand in may 2018, that “women and men to equal treatment”. In the first version of the Proposal, to ask for the temporary occupation of a Park in Zurich, wrote to Brunner, but consistently only of the “activists”, “occupiers” and “residents”. After the rejection, she added the proposal with a note that the masculine Form includes each of the women, but also the Council office refused.

In the Zurich municipal Council, it came on Wednesday to the big debate: Limits of the “red-green gender police”, as Brunner calls it, the freedom of expression? Or it adjoins the women when Brunner uses only the male Form? In the end it was clear: Over two-thirds of the Kantonsräte voted against Brunner.

you May require keeping?

This does not want to accept the decision. The SVP politician announces, at the district Council appeal – and maybe go even further. “If necessary, I am ready to fight at the cantonal administrative court and the Federal Supreme court move on,” says Brunner. Your attention comes in handy, you stood namely in October for the national Council.

The city of Zurich is with your control of language is an exception. In all other major cities, there are no Gender rules, as a survey of SRF showed.

But what are the opportunities for Brunner to court? According to Markus Schefer (54), a Professor of constitutional and administrative law at the University of Basel, is a complex case. Because: “The language scheme is an in-between of formal and content-related specifications.” The former one is entitled to make, of course. “But what concerns the content, the question arises: Should members of Parliament to prescribe a certain attitude? Here I see a Problem.” Or, as he put it casually: “in Principle, it is not prohibited for a private person to be a Man.”

Crowdfunding start

SVPlerin Brunner now fills the war chest. Alone for the procedure in the first instance, it expects the cost of 10’000 Swiss francs. For this, they launched a Crowdfounding. Up on Thursday afternoon, about 1500 francs.

woman Sitting on one of these late summer evenings on the Limmat river, asks a woman whether a woman is now in the biggest Swiss city, but rather in a banana Republic.

As an elected politician is multiple abgewatscht that she carries on her work in Parliament. Because your push is too little gender-appropriate manner.

woman Sitting on one of these late summer evenings on the Limmat river, asks the woman, whether this is just absurd or worse. And then the suspicion that it rights of women and men is not a question of the language the same, as required by the rules of procedure of the municipal Council to germinate.

But that the left-green majority in the municipal Council has decided to make an example. Although Susanne Brunner has improved in the second start-up, is not to come to the SVP-woman in the opposite.

In this left-green stubbornness, the arrogance of Power. That Brunner is taking the legal route and the case uses to fuel their campaign for the elections to the national Council, mag woman of her, so close to the Limmat river, sitting, not blame.