Gender-spat in the Zurich city Parliament: The SVP-councillor Susanne Brunner (47) and the Council office are due to a Proposal in the hair. Because the red-green dominated the office of the municipal Council has rejected a motion of censure Brunner for the second Time.

The reason: you don’t “have formulated their Interpellation of gender”, says the office. Brunner uses in her Text is always the masculine Form, instead of talking about “Squatters and occupiers” or “Occupying”, writes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Brunner, of the movement against the initiatives guidelines.

the office also as the “gender police” known

These can adapt to the office in the owner’s competence. Since 2018 is in it: “women and men are on an equal footing to treat.” Since then, the office in bourgeois circles under the nickname of “gender police” are known.

Previously rejected the office of the Zurich municipal Council, yet never advancing, because he has violated the guidelines for gender justice. However, correcting the office has to intervene sometimes, even on the left, on the Council side: For texts with the “gender asterisk” (occupiers) are not permitted.

Brunner adds the

But remained stubborn. You added your question just a note: The generic masculine in their proposal include “female individuals, and those individuals who want to belong to any gender and/or can be, equally as male individuals”. Also appreciated the office, however, is not. By majority decision, decided that the question could not be answered.

For the SVP-municipal Councilor incomprehensible: “I don’t think it is linguistically beautiful, if in every sentence, both genders need to be called,” she says. “That’s not my style.” Also the Inland I and the like is a “Murder of the German language”.

In case of an emergency Brunner legally fight it

The decision of the office against their Interpellation want to let Brunner is now in the Parliament to negotiate. If there is no majority, wants to fight back in the legal way: “I want to arrive at a clarification.”

Brunner’s your right to freedom of expression violated: “language rules, not a criterion should be, whether I can exercise my political rights or not.” (pro only)