in the year of 1944, there were the first attacks on today’s 700 inhabitants of the place. “Constantly flyer, the shot trains per day travelling scho came deep,” says Diegel. A large part of the Childhood of Helmut Diegel was overshadowed by the war, often fled, he attacks with his grandpa, his mother and three-year-old brother out of fear of air in the hiding place in the basement.

His father, Otto, was a soldier in the war – about half a year before the end of the war he fell in Hungary. “That was on the 28. December 1944. We got but it was only in January 1945 know.” The local branch Manager brought the family Diegel the terrible news. “I can remember clearly the day My mother was in the garden and had brought in the Laundry, which was frozen by the cold weather stiff. She came with the basket of Laundry into the house and after the message, she let the basket fall, and the Laundry showed funny characters. A stiff dry Arm sticking out at an angle in the height. My mother is crying, fell on the chair and said: my Otto, my Otto.” Neighbors and relatives came to console the family. “The evil Russians shoot my dad dead,” said Helmut at that time.

“It is a sinister pop”

sounded The air attacks on the Region have been getting stronger and stronger, until at 25. March, the climax was reached: Helmut’s grandfather, who worked at the ehring houses the train station, came every Sunday in the normal home for lunch. “Then he’s going back in the direction of the train station, a little later, the plane came.” Helmut, how each Time, with his mother and brother in the hiding place in the basement, “my grandpa always said that the best protection would be”. Helmut lay on the ground, “I had so much anxiety that you can’t even describe it”. Suddenly a tremendous Bang sounded, a short time later there was silence.

When the family went outside, they saw the extent of the bombing: the roof in the direction of the train station was demolished, the bricks were in the Neighbor’s yard, the Windows were out, blown up, many surrounding houses were beschädgit and were uninhabitable. The ehring houses the train station. “It was said that at the time were stored in two Waggongs with dynamite or explosives at the station. Either a bomb flew it there or it was shot on the Waggongs. Therefore, the Explosion was so bad, as they had not experienced some of the soldiers in the war,” recalls Diegel. His grandpa is, fortunately, nothing happened, he could save on the way for residents in the basement. Helmut’s mother was shocked: “First you take the man, and then you throw the house down yet,” she said at the time. Helmut and his family lived in daily fear, again and again, it went to protection in the cellar, no matter whether day or night.

The Americans are coming

Four days after the attack, went around the message in Ehringshausen, that Americans were on the way to the village. “That was bad” – the family thought they needed to leave in the night, the house and hide. “A soldier said on the way to us that we should stay here, anything else would bring nothing”. However, the family was looking for, with some of the other residents, a basement that was built in the earth, in order to have a safe place to hide. Meanwhile, many ehring houses out hung white flags. “A German officer has around screaming and said, if not immediately, the white scraps away, let he the whole Nest platform make”, he was told at the time.

But to the extent that it did not. 29. March, exactly four days after the attack, the Americans with tanks to the village. The bad times had passed, but this: “Negro sought in young women. These disguised themselves as old grannies, so they were not recognized.” Nevertheless, a woman was raped in Ehringshausen, like Diegel reported. Then all the inhabitants locked their doors and Windows. Deonnoch: “The fear fell away so slowly. I thought to myself: even if flyers come, they will not bomb their own people”, explains Helmut at the end. In Germany, the Second world war ended about one and a half months later, on the 8. May 1945. (Luisa Diegel)

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