in the Morning half past nine in Germany. Gelson Fernandes (32) is located in the Hotel Sofitel in the city centre of Frankfurt and ordered for Breakfast an orange juice and a scrambled egg but without the yolk. “Typical athlete,” says the waiter Fejsal laughing. “My Trainer in the circle League A says, by the way, I play like you.” Gelson, laughing: “Why, because you’re the number 10?” Laughter, followed by a short discussion on how to behave as a defensive midfielder a yellow card.

Gelson, after the 2018 world Cup from the national team, resigned, seen in Frankfurt on his second spring. The Fans adore him, he is the undisputed master player and Captain of his team. Gelson telling VIEW of why – and what has that to do with his very personal story in order to.

Gelson Fernandes: I iron my clothes rarely. But I have probably the best and most expensive iron in the world at home. But it is rarely used.

Yes, she is in her sixth month of pregnancy, we get a girl. We have now built the family a house in the Valais, near Sion. You can see it from the Tourbillon, we are very happy.

(laughs) Otherwise, it means that the foot must be careful shooting because the women are only after your money. For me, this is not the case… But you know, I grew up very poor, without running water. My background has shaped me.

My father worked on the Cape Verde Islands as a Chauffeur of politicians. He said the Job he’s doing. He flew to Portugal and never came back. My mom was pregnant at that time in 1986 with me, and brought me there to the world.

My father later traveled with the Bus and without papers more in Switzerland. As an illegal Immigrant. He worked in Sion for a farm, has milked the cows. He got a work permit. My mom traveled to Switzerland when I was about two.

I stayed with my grandma. I lacked nothing. When I was five, I should be in Switzerland. I didn’t want to. As the flight of decency, I hid behind the sugar tubes at the oasis, where we get our water and the house had to wear. It was a shock. And I dream of the Cape Verde Islands. The arrival was strange.

In Paris. My dad picked me up. I had never seen him before in my life. I ask only: “Who is this man?” We then lived in the Canton of Valais, my father was a casual floor and locksmith, before the 2004 groundsman at FC Sion. But my parents are now separated.

the men of The Cape Verde Islands have a very happy women… But the relationship with my parents is good today.

Gelson is on the terrace of the Sofitel, in the Background, the powerful Skyline of the banking metropolis. Here he has found his happiness – although he thought in the summer of 2018, whether or not he should leave the Concord.

Very happy. I had 2018 various offers, for example, from Atlanta in the USA. Our coach Niko Kovac went to Bayern and with Adi Hütter, a new of YB came. I thought: Maybe he needs a 32-year-old player. I want and have never wanted to be a millstone. But head of sports, Fredi Bobic and he told me that I was important for the club. And as it is now gone, was outstanding.

I still have a contract until 2020 and an Option for a further year. I have to look, as long as I can help the team.

no. I don’t want to play in a small League. And if, in the case of a dominant game club. You can see it right now in Frankfurt: If you have a offensively strong team, you can concentrate fully on the Defensive. This is my game. If I want to play in a defensive team and then a sort of the game makers, then, is not that good. We all know that.

We are a human with incredible force, fit together top. And we had in the whole season not only difficult Phase.

Adi Hütter is more offensively oriented, dynamic and courageous football. It was, for him, is not a simple step from Switzerland here. He made it top. Niko Kovac is defensive organization. And both have an incredible social skills. With Niko, for example, I had to talk to you. We always knew what the other thinks. He has a great sense for people. I like him. He demands a lot from the players, but is always a role model. A workhorse with a lot of intelligence, which is always fucking honest with you. Always.

The Team is in transition, he got hardly any new players and some old are on the Zenith. If he brings the Cup and the championship, he has with our Cup win three titles in two seasons. Then the critics will be silenced.

After the 2018 world Cup back Gelson from the Nati. After 12 years, with 67 countries. A formative role as well in Frankfurt, he never had. Master player, he was only at the home European Championships in 2008.

no, maybe I games this season, well, because I have no Nati-travel more.

I was in the national team since 2008, never five games in a row. Otherwise it might have been possible. But my competition with Gökhan Inler, Valon Behrami or Granit Xhaka was extremely. They were always super.

I am angry still. We would certainly be able to in the semi-final. This Fucking day against Sweden still gnaws at me. At the 2014 world Cup in the quarter-finals against Argentina, we went to the border, tried everything, but Messi and Di Maria decided the game, that’s okay. Also in the eighth final in the European championship in 2016 against Poland, the Fans went with head held high out of the stadium. Against Sweden, we were simply not ready.

Perhaps the mental lacked Freshness. Maybe we should have in the third game against Costa Rica to rotate. But the coach had to fly respect for it, out of it.

It came from deep inside, for family, for history, for their Pride. But I think you have learned from it.

I think you would have to act. The player should have media. But no one took responsibility in this field.

He was focused on the tactical field. This is not his task.

I don’t think that Didier Deschamps would have made it better. No, because it needs more leadership.

Yes, but the core question is, what are his tasks. If you provide it with all U-teams. Whether you need an Academy… We need a DNA, such as the Dutchman, is a philosophy from top to bottom, from my point of view.

When it comes to name, is no longer the case. This is wrong.

the successor of Gilliéron.
do a good Job in the Amateur draft. I just hope you also see, as we come into the national team on the highest international level. This is something other than sport.

Maybe someday. At the Moment I’m not ready for that. But I have already done the Bachelor in sports management in Lyon. Starting in 2021, I want to make the Master, in the case of the Uefa.

My Ex-girlfriend and I decided at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015, that we are not separate. We don’t fit together easily. So I see my nine year old daughter, not so often at the Moment, she also lives in the Canton of Valais. The can me take the Smile. And racism incidents in football. We make the same topic as all wrong.

In the case of racist incidents it is necessary to finish the game immediately, as the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino calls for it. I would go further: It should be a Forfeit for the club. Then the Fans would think twice if you insult someone racially. And many clubs would not do more that it happens.

Yes. After my Red card to Schalke one wrote to me on Instagram: “You’re a son of a monkey. I hope someone ends Your career. You’re not really a Swiss. You’re a fucking refugee. Son of a monkey bitch!” But that is behind the Computer. In Italy, I experienced it on his own body.

When I was playing at Chievo Verona, scratched me to the car, wrote “Nigger” and smashed the windshield. And it has me shitting in front of the front door. I brought my girlfriend to Switzerland in safety. These are things that You want as a footballer and as a person.

Gelson Fernandes stands in front of the old Opera in Frankfurt. “The nice thing is that you can do almost everything on foot,” he says. And goes home. Gather strength to throw Chelsea out of the Europa League and reach the Champions League. The semi-final first-leg game in the Europa League between Chelsea and Frankfurt (first leg 1:1), begins on Thursday at 21 PM (SRF2).

Gelson Fernandes is born in 1986 in the Cape Verde Islands. His father gone, his mother, soon – Gelson grows up with his grandma. After he came in with five of his family to the Canton of Valais, he plays in FC Sion. In 2007, Manchester City pays 9.1 million Fr. for him. After that, he plays for Saint-Etienne, Chievo, Leicester, Udinese, Sporting, Freiburg, Rennes, and since 2017 for Frankfurt. He made 67 games for the national team.