Geely began contactless car selling drones

Chinese group figured out how to sell cars in conditions of total isolation. Already running the scheme eliminates the need to communication a purchaser with employees of the dealership.

the New system is based primarily on the mechanism of online sales. Let Geely over the Internet not only to choose a car, but to equip it, fully pay for and even insured. But the main innovation lies in the delivery method.

the cars Themselves are ready to be sent to dealerships, where they not only decorate, but also completely disinfected, including via ionization. Then the car is transported to the place of residence of the buyer or the place where he works.

And the keys to svejesobranna car sent to the owner by a drone. Aircraft capable of delivering desired not only to the customer’s door, but even a throw over the balcony.

an Online platform for car sales Geely group launched in February this year. According to official figures, it was purchased more than 10 thousand cars, and another 110 000 potential buyers expressed interest in purchasing the cars of this brand.

Text: Avtovesti