“GPB-factoring” headed by former top Manager of “VTB Factoring” Corneliu Robu. The factoring business of Gazprombank does not match the scale of the group, many clients of which also are served by the competitors — “VTB Factoring” and “Sberbank Factoring”. In his new post, the top Manager will be to fight for the return of client base, which may cause increased competition for the quality of debtors, polagayut experts. However, the primary task of Mr. Rob — increasing marginal returns, while maintaining risks “GPB-factoring”.Directing the Department for work with clients of the largest Russian factoring company “VTB Factoring” Corneliu Robu headed “GPB-factoring”. He replaced Elena Molokanova, which will remain in the company as an Advisor. According to “GPB-factoring” Mr. Rob “will focus on accelerating transformation of the business, implementation of new solutions and development of customer service”. In VTB group wished him “to give impetus to the development of new segments and attracting new customers to the factoring market”.According to the Association of factoring companies, in the first quarter of 2020 the portfolio of “VTB Factoring” exceeded 238 billion rubles, providing him his first position in the industry. Portfolio “GPB-factoring” was 58.6 billion rubles., thus, the company was ranked fourth, behind “Sberbank Factoring” (155,4 billion rubles) and Alfa Bank (79,3 billion rubles). The number of debtors (a company whose monetary liabilities assigned to the factor) and the number of clients (those who pay a Commission to the factor) “GPB-factoring” ranks in the top 15, indicating a high concentration of business in large counterparties.Corneliu Robe came on the factoring market in 2001. Since 2004 he worked at the National factoring company (NFC), where five years later was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board. In NFK, he was involved in the market attracting customers. In 2015 he moved to “VTB Factoring”, where he was responsible for the implementation of the strategy of the company in all the countries where VTB group, as well as for maintaining cross-group sales. Its main activities were the sale within the VTB group, confirms the source of “Kommersant”.Until recently, business “GPB-factoring” has not matched the scale of the group, the counterparty say a few factoring companies, and two top managers. In particular, at the present time, many corporate customers are serviced by Gazprombank’s not factoring Bank company and its competitors, including “VTB Factoring” and “Sberbank Factoring”. Therefore one of the tasks of the top Manager may be the translation of corporate clients of Gazprombank to service in “GPB-factoring”. However, according to the source familiar with the transition of Mr. Rob on the new Dolgnosti, from the top Manager mainly expect increasing margins in the factoring business, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk and not portfolio growth. However, he does not deny that after having passed a period of turbulence caused by the spread of coronavirus infection, a top Manager will attract new customers, as corporate GPB, and the new entering the market of factoring.”GPB continues the policy of universalization, as shown by retail banking and leasing segment. Strengthening factoring segment fits into the overall trend,” says senior Director of “Expert RA” Vladimir Teterin. According to him, today high-quality large customers are not many and their number, given the current conditions, it is unlikely in the near future will grow significantly. Therefore, using the potential of GPB, Mr Rob, of course, will fight for their client base with the largest factoring companies, which may intensify competition in the industry, he said.Ilya Usov