the State company “Gazprom” has jeopardized the fulfillment of a 30-year contract for gas supplies to China and the whole project “Power of Siberia”. As follows from the investigation “” on one of the most important fields — Chayandinskoye — revealed numerous violations, which can lead to the failure of multi-billion dollar contract.

“the” was a report about the problems in the design and development of Chayanda. From this it follows that the field used defective drilling mud; heads of departments responsible for the development, took questionable decisions, in violation of technical standards. As a result, around 50 wells were under threat of absence from the planned level of production.

the report shows that only in August 2019 drilling mud affected the extraction well 41: 20 of them were completely “dry”, and 21 there is a reduced level of production, which in future years will also be null. The total losses of 20 “dry” wells are estimated at 334 billion in lost revenue.

at Least six wells were crippled by questionable management decisions subsidiary of “Gazprom” of the company “Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk”. During the development of wells they did not comply with the technical regulations that led to the improper installation of the most important parts in depth. Repair only one well is estimated at 90 million rubles, total loss of two billion rubles.

as a result of numerous violations gas production in the Chayandinskoye field may not reach the originally predicted capacity — 25 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The current level of production indicates that the field is already at the limit.

the project “Power of Siberia” is no problem

Russia and China agreed on gas supplies via the Eastern route in 2014. The gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” was launched in December 2019, its launch was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leader of China, XI Jinping. The parties agreed to supply 38 billion cubic meters of gas a year at $ 400 billion.