the Moscow region leads in the number of debtors for gas among regions, and the amount of debt in the first place Tver oblast, from the data of the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz”.

In the published list of debtors for gas have joined with arrears amounting to more than 10 million rubles as at 1 January.

In the Moscow region the most indebted — 87 organizations owes 6.1 billion rubles. The greatest debt in the region, JSC “GU housing and communal services” — 1,1 billion rubles. Followed by the MUE “TEPLOSET” of debt for gas in the amount of 431.5 million rubles. Among the debtors and fgbu “ZIKU” the defense Ministry debt to 337,4 million rubles.

In second place among the regions by number of debtors Tver oblast: 69 debtors with a debt of about 6.5 billion rubles), the third — Perm Krai: 43 the debtor with the debt of 3.1 billion rubles.

the amount of debt among the regions is the leader of the Tver oblast. The most disciplined payers in Ingushetia, Kalmykia, the Republic of Altai, Kamchatka, the Primorye territory and the Kaliningrad region – in these regions, only one debtor-organization. In second place for the timeliness of payments — Leningrad, Tyumen and Kemerovo region, Saint Petersburg – they have two of the debtor-organization.

the amount of debt among all the regional organisations leading the MUP Teplosnabzhenie in Grozny — 2.6 billion rubles. In second place was sue Bryanskkommunenergo in Bryansk with a debt of 2.5 billion rubles, the third — Kemerovo, OOO “Central power plant” with a debt of 2.3 billion.

In Moscow counted 12 debtors. The biggest debt of Moscow JSC “GU housing and communal services” with the debt 97,9 million rubles, the second place at Department of municipal property of Moscow (77,2 million), the third — BY “Flight” — branch of JSC “GKNPTs im.M.In. Chronicava” (50.4 million rubles).