all of a Sudden it needs a new law. To date, the Gas flows without this reliably to the Swiss customers. However, according to the Federal Council, must be regulated by a Federal law, what is already working: The 30. October, he has opened the consultation to the gas supply law.

Particularly disturbing is this: Instead of limiting the increase in Personnel on the necessary plans to the Federal Council, to create in the Wake of the new law eleven additional Posts. Another example of how the number of Federal civil servants is growing and growing. It has achieved a record value. Thus, the cost for the administration.

more resources for Elcom

The state government wants to settle the new positions at the Federal electricity Commission (Elcom). From the old CVP-Ständerat Carlo Schmid (69) presided Elcom, the energy Commission (Encom) would then.

As the report on the new law is not wanted to recruit the competent Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (59) originally, the whole staff, but people from the price monitoring abzügeln. The former consumer wants to cut back on duck Protectress, of all of the Agency ensures that citizens do not have to shell out excessively high costs of ticket prices, funeral fees, and health, irritated.

Already, more than twice as much staff

24 employees, the Team of Price regulator, Stefan Meierhans (51, CVP), the share of 18 full-time positions is one. Because the Swiss gas suppliers are majority owned by the cities and municipalities, concerned his authority, with gas tariffs. But less than a full-time position, the price to apply surveillance to. Now the administration has realized that the price surveillance authority also bore in accordance with the new law the Gas in a task. You cut off the pair of points percentage, made no sense. This shows how half-baked are the Gas-plans of the Federal government.

more Personal than the price control by the Elcom has today. By 1.1.2019 you had guards 45 employees, spread to 37.3 full – time equivalents-twice as much staff as the Price. The duties of the Elcom are modest. You have to approve the electricity tariffs for private customers and the Functioning of the electricity market monitor, the part is liberalised. This does not mean that large commercial customers can choose their electricity supplier freely, the private customers.

parliamentarians have no understanding

it is Exactly this mixed system intends to introduce in the Federal Council, also in the Gas. Large companies are entitled to the cheapest gas supplier to choose, the households must continue to accept the local gas prices.

“I understand that you want to do when Gas is now the same mistake as with the electricity,” says FDP-Nationalrat Christian Wasserfallen (38). The goal should be a complete opening of the market should lead, thanks to competition tend to lower prices for all. “These innovations must surely lead to an increase in the regulators and higher costs. Such halbbatzige proposals are rejected,” he says.

And the Nationalrat Karl Vogler (63 CSP) says: “Here you have the cost-Benefit ratio is certainly in question. There are more important things than the revision of the gas supply, especially the importance of the gas decreases anyway.”

Gas stove

On the dwindling importance of Gas, the Federal Council in the report making even self-aware. Because Heating with Gas is hard to with its climate objectives, agree. First communities, such as Rüti ZH to terminate already, from the gas supply and to provide citizens with environmentally-friendly solutions available.