Gasoline prices fell sharply, but not in Russia

the Cost of automotive fuel went down sharply in the United States. To record levels so far away, but market experts fear that trend will continue on the background of fluctuations in oil prices and the situation with coronavirus.

Now the average cost of a gallon (3.79 liters) of gasoline in the US is charged at around $ 2.12 – that is the statistics cited by the Association of automobile clubs of the country. However, according to Market Watch, many filling stations in North America are already selling gasoline for less than $ 2 per gallon.

moreover, it is expected that in some regions, the price could drop to 99 cents a gallon (based on the Russian measures of calculation – about 18 rubles per liter). It is mentioned that at least one gas station in Kentucky has already put such a price tag.

the Fall in fuel prices is primarily due to a General quarantine: the citizens sit at home and practically do not use private transport, and in this situation, the gasoline retailers are forced to reduce prices in order to somehow attract consumers. According to official statistics, last week, Americans bought on average 9.7 million barrels of gasoline a day, and this figure could be reduced by about half.

nationally, the demand for gasoline will decrease in the near future by 25%. As a result, a number of oil refineries United States has already announced reduced production volumes by 25%.

Text: Avtovesti